1995 Ford Explorer Questions

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The OD ON/OFF light blinks. Transmission won't shift from first to second gear.
I just recently had a rebuilt transmission put into my truck which is working fine. But now my speedometer doesnt work properly. Sometimes when I drive it the speed shows accurately on the speedometer but other times when I drive it the speedometer stays on zero. Is this something that was casued by the replacement of the transmission or is there something different wrong with it? My transmission is under a two year warranty, I just want to find out if this is a new problem that can be easily fixed or something I will ahve to go back to the shop to have fixed? Thanks
I've replaced the starter, cylinoid, battery and system still fails to start after short trips, and the battery shows power over the median gage. Why isn't the battery staying charged. On occasion a jump start would work and bring battery level back up. The last time this effort failed. Is there a bad connection to systems?
My a/c & heating blows cold/hot air out fine, but the placement of air will only come out where the defrost is, knob turns but sruck on defrost/window. Also 1/2 my dashboard lights went out. Checked fuses, but not resolved. What would be the cost? Is there something I can do myself? (non-machanic).
changed fuelpump,fuel filter,relay,coil pack. when it runs it runs good. what am I missing?
My driver side windshield wiper stopped working. The gear that the wiper blade fits on turns freely and it shouldn't. How do I fix the gear - I've been told something has just slipped and can be easily fixed?
I need to replace my high mounted brake light on my 1995 explorer and I have a 1996 explorer that I can take parts off of.
I have an Explorer with 4.0 V6. The engine has 190,000 miles on it. The timing chain sounds healthy. Does anyone know how long this timing chain is expected to last?
This problem just started, but when I turn my heat or ac controls on, a very loud screaching noise occurs and will stall out engine, if not immediately shut off.
Do I have to get it repaired or can my husband repair it. We had this happen a few years after our Explorer was new and it was very costly. At that time it was under warranty and we still had to pay for the labor, a lot less than now.

How much should I expect to pay at a Ford dealership to replace several dashboard lamps? Can I do this myself? Would an independent auto repair shop be a better choice. My current shop of choice has declined the repair.
low beams don't work but high beams do if i pull back on stick. i have changed the headlight switch,the mulitswitch and check all fuses and relays. is there something else ???
I have replace the bulbs and fuses and looked all over for a burnt wire and it still doesn't work.
where is the fuel pump switch
I am working on yjis for a friend it has good fuel presure and spark it pops and tries to start but won't start timing chain is mark to mark and changed the plugs ?????? 39 years on the line but been retired afew years
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