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Starts after sitting awhile.
Have replaced the coil ,wires and plugs. OD off light is on always. 2months ago it started lugging and stalling coming up to a stop unless I down shit. Now it stalls everytime I shift from park or neutral, to Drive.
Or it's leaking for the seal are
I need to know what the problem is then I can try to fix it.
I never heard of a sink row before and i went to a online parts store and searched for a sink row and it pulled up clutch release bearing. So is there anyone that can explain what all that is.
its happened several times & after it sits for a bit, it starts. Already has a new starter & alternater. diagnostic readings say that my battery is good. mechanic cant figure out unless it is failing at the time. Should i replace the battery, just in case?
The other day I was driving and it just died for no reason I pulled off had to turn the key back and forth several times before the fuel pump would start working again also it starts working right after the locks cycle (PATS) is the only thing I can think I mite drive 2 miles before it happens again. Also the same night alarm started going off at 3:30am and continued doing so until I finally just got up and disconnected the batterie what my issue be ?? Thanks in advance
Yesterday i put a can of EZ-Chill in my a/c and the compressor was working , now today it is not working and i checked the fuse inside the door and it is good. What else could be the problem?
I just got a new battery and new battery cables so why am I no getting power to the engine
Truck acts like it's not getting enough gas. Fuel pressure guage says it's getting the minimum amnt. of pressure. It runs like it's on 4 cyls. Any ideas?
Need to turn off heat until blen door can be repaired.
I have a manifold gauge set and recharge supplies but when I recharged the system the low side pressure fluctuated by 25 psi so I stopped used a light and dye to locate a leak the only "leak" I found was out of the front of the compressor/clutch now clutch wont seem to even engage.
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