1994 Ford Explorer Questions

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Want start, new fuel pump and filter no power to pump, all fuses and relays are new
Hear it bang in, but front wheels won't engage.
Changed fuel pump changed plugged cleaned crank sensor cleaned injectors changed and checked fuzes and relayes I'm frustrated and not sure what else to do. It seem like injectors are not being initiated. Fuel get to engine. Spark is there.
had a ford code reader code was 513 powertrain control module

How long have you had this problem? Just started

How long have you had this problem? SINCE YESTERDAY
my 4x4 ford explorer it has a 6 cylender moter the transmission was working great and then i lost most of the tranny fluid going down the road there is a line it is a solid line coming from the transmission but i cant see any line coming from the 4x4 to that line, i need to know if a line comes from the 4x4 unit even a rubber hose line to the main line coming from the transmission,
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing yet as i just got more tranny fluid for it
How long have you had this problem? two weeks
No foward or reverse
Emmy's my truck starts and runs great it just I don't have no headlights blinkers tail lights and nothing I checked the fuses fuses is good I don't know what to do next I need help please
Replaced the starter. Went to try to start and won't start
tried to start and it wint turn over.
There is an antifreeze leak and after the engine is turned off there is a clunk, clunk, clunk, sound like a cog in a clock. I've had freeze out plugs replaced and the gauge barely moves and the heat is lukewarm to warm.
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