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have the tool needed and it will not come out what can I do ?
tailpipe no steam. bypassd heater core 3months ago. Unbypassed . 3 dayd later. replaced lower upper radiator hoses , thermostat . Nothing changes the problem unless the fluid gets too low which I don't allow that the gauge would fluctuate up and down up and down on a steady 55 mile an hour drive not always sometimes I can turn on the heater it will make a difference sometimes it doesn't also it's not leaking inside of the vehicle on the floor as liquid or Steam and the heater does work the air conditioner does not blow cold air. When I turn on the heater it does seem to affect the temperature gauge

We can't tell where it's leaking I check it anytime everytime I go anywhere and I've always have to put at least a quarter of a container of diluted antifreeze or water in the radiator the Overflow is fu
Did so, but still no power, could it be bad, was running fine, engine light started flashing, car started trying to quit, when it did couldn't start it back.thank you for your help.
check engine light is on obd 1 card reader excludes my ford explorer what do I do to diagnose my problem?
When engine warms up it starts to accelerate on its own or you can push AC on and it will do it,,I've replaced the T.p.s and the IAC control valve and cleaned mass air flow,,and nothing changed
gauge goes from past full then back to what may be the right level
Explorer will not start....just has a "clicking" sound when key is put in & turned to start. Also, brake cannot be depressed (automatic transmission).
why would die after the squeal
It's a intarnal voltage failer
Does something have been missed on the motor by replacing upper and lower plenum gaskets to affect the oil pressure
I just had upper and lower plenum gaskets replaced on my 4.0 engine and now I have no oil pressure did that have anything to do with it
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