1993 Ford Explorer Questions

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When engine warms up it starts to accelerate on its own or you can push AC on and it will do it,,I've replaced the T.p.s and the IAC control valve and cleaned mass air flow,,and nothing changed
gauge goes from past full then back to what may be the right level
Explorer will not start....just has a "clicking" sound when key is put in & turned to start. Also, brake cannot be depressed (automatic transmission).
why would die after the squeal
It's a intarnal voltage failer
Does something have been missed on the motor by replacing upper and lower plenum gaskets to affect the oil pressure
I just had upper and lower plenum gaskets replaced on my 4.0 engine and now I have no oil pressure did that have anything to do with it
to add to my ealier questions rpm's. run super high when put into reverse, and lowers down to normal in forward gears. except truck doesn't actually go into any gear, but engine rpm sounds like it does, except for reverse which revs way higher.
I towed a small trailer full of garbage to dump,it was heavy cause I could feel it as I drove,after dropping off trailer parked truck for a good 2-3 hrs.on way home inside of cab filled up with smoke and I gradually lost all forward gears except 1st, but I have to rev it way up to barely move, reverse is fine.what steps should I take to find out if I need a new tranny etc. or not. it just had a 4x4 block or whatever put in it about 2yrs. ago.
Will a transmission correctly fit in a 93 Ford explorerexplore from a 95 ford explorer
Recently started turning off when stopped at a light but not every time.
Recently my truck started turning off when I stop at a light but not all the time and it was not driven for about a month but it was not doing this before.
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