1992 Ford Explorer Questions

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What transmission fluid do I need to buy for a 1992 Ford Explorer, Eddie Bauer, 4 wheel drive?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? it looks like it is leaking
How long have you had this problem? 1day
I turned my engine off and on it worked and the accelerator was OK then it started again and now it's continuously running. What do I do?
If I drive it every day for awhile it will start the next morning but if sits for about 12hours it's got to be jump start I've been unhooking my battery post but it is Waring my terminals out its been a issue I'd like to get fix thanks.
my check engine light is on also when coming to a stop truck cut off then have to put in natural to start again and also when making a turn it will do the same
my transmition works except in reverse
i was getting 20 miles a gllon and i put a new fule pump in and now im only getting about ten mpg.
their is gas that comes out of the bottom it looks like its comeing from the top side of the tank it only really happens when the tank is full.
Put in new fuel pump but it will pump. All wires connected.
changed motor n tranny mounts iac plugs wires dont it feels like bad mounts woundering timing chain?no codes runs strong
it turns over, but will not start! I have a new battery, and not sure why it will not start!
ive changed out the slave cylinder and the hydraulic clutch line, and the clutch plate but im still having an issue with shifting. if i start the truck in first gear it wont shift into any other gears, if i start it in second it will go into the rest but its hard to get in the gear and it grinds while trying to go into revese... and the gear oil isnt low ???????
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