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not as noticible at highway speed but ALWAYS when accerating
I have a 91 Explorer with a reman motor, it has headers, a accel super coil, accel injectors, a kurts kustom air cleaner and a magnaflow cat. The old motor with 261,000 miles was getting about 15 mpg (down form about 20 or so when the engine had only 200k on it) but the new motor is getting about 12 mpg and the check engine light has become a friend that won't go home. The engine has a new O2 sensor as well as idle speed sensor and one other I cannot remember what it is called. The only sensors not replaced YET are the MAF and Crank position sensor. The engine lops at idle and does NOT have the power I feel it should. I have tried contacting various manufactures of performance parts and gotten no where. I now realize the injectors are most likely flowing too much fuel, but to replace them is over 600 bucks for the injectors and 200 or so to put them in(at Ford) What suggestions does anyone have? I have looked at the add on computer but again no company will give me an answer if the computer will account for the bigger injectors and give me the power AND gas mileage I used to have.

Thanks for ANY advice on this.
signal fuse keep blowing
it blows every time I put a new one in and turn on the signal lights
It is not where the auto zone diagram shows it to be.
this happens after i dirve it for a hour or more and it will not start for atlest 30 minutes after it cools down a little but its ok till i cut it off thank u for any info u can give me
My 91 ford explorer (auto trans) just quite moving. It free wheels, it made no noise just acted as if it jumped to neutral one day. Park works but everything else is neutral. Also the 4 wheel drive will not ingauge. Any thoughts?
I changed the battery car does not start. None of the gauges or indicators com on. I just have dimmed door panal lights.
where do the wires go
i cannot get the fan to turn off, how can i fix this?
check engine light on but dont know where to have it checked, parts stores dont check beyond 1996.

light comes on after city driving for twenty or so minutes, goes off when engine off, comes back on in another twenty minutes.
does not come on during highway driving.
put new steering box on it like no power steering wifes suv .
when i was driving i hit something hard and the car started to act like if i didnt have any gas
can not remove the hard line coming off the bottom of the cylinder
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