2012 Ford Expedition Questions

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My 2012 Expedition won't shift to between 2nd and 3rd gear sometimes. The
Rpms would run high. Turning the car off and back on usually takes care of
the problem. Usually this happens about once a week. Transmission fluid
changed recently but the problem is still there. Took it to the dealer, and they
could not find a the problems. I also took it to a transmission "specialist", he
hooked it up to computer and could not find any problems.
What should/can I do?
Having problem finding fuel filter.... where is it located
ford put out a recall for a pcm reprogramming on my 2012 ford expedition el xlt. took it to the dealer and they said they did it. now, while driving the speedometer stops working, the engine will rev up and it sounds like the transmission is not connected, then goes back to normal (this only lasts for like 2 seconds), the warning comes up that i am low on fuel (have 3/4 of a tank) and other warning saying i low tire pressure (which i don't) {these issues only happen periodically}. took to 1 dealer and he said it sounds like the pcm was not reprogrammed properly, but if i left my truck they would be able to able look at in 4-5 days.other dealer says it doesn't sound like a pcm issue but they can look at it 2 days, and only have to leave from the time they look until its done. not sitting forever without being looked at. and lastly on my way home the service engine soon light came on. any help i can get would be appreciated before the dealer says i need a whole new transmission
I replaced the battery and now have no power to instrument cluster. Everything else works. Wont start with a blank screen on cluster.
I went to a drive through carwash, then I drove it home and noticed that engine was knocking.
I parked the vehicle and then backed out of my driveway and noticed it knocking more. when backing out! It has 120,300 miles on it, I bought it from a Lexus Dealer 5 days ago. Per/Dealer info they said it was current on its scheduled maintenance. Wondering if it blew a plug, due to the undercarriage wash?
*No check engine light came on. THX
I replaced the blower resistor and harness. It blew cold air front and back, except on high fan speed, front stopped. Now it stopped blowing cold air anywhere only hot, but still stops on High. Checked for EATC errors and none. Doesn't seem to be freon related.
Looking for fuel filter location
Could it have delay switch it comes on after I'm driving for 5 minutes then it works till I cut engine and then you have to wait another 5 minutes
stuck in cargo mode
voltages of what the other possiible cause?
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