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My key is stuck in the ignition. I tried everything,I love my expedition but having the key in the ignition is not safe. Plus this was my only key. Please help...keyless in the rock...
the rear heater is blowing cold air but the a/c works, and there is a noise in rear motor which is a knock when you turn on and off heater.
It is in anti-theft mode, and when I put it in the ignition, the anti-theft light blinks, and the vehicle won't start.
The information screen was flashing door ajar, low pressure monitor fault. My radio and screen stopped working. Lift gate won't open. I pulled over and shut it off and now it won't shift from park.
Giving gas in neutral appears to remedy issue. Very random and sporadic?
My truck starts and runs just fine. When I push in the brake pedal, the gear shift button will not go in and I can't put it into a gear. I have a shifter in between the two front seats. Lately if I try a couple times, pushing in the brake, the button will finally go and it will go into gear. But this morning it wouldn't go at all. Is this something with the brake or the transmission?
visor light does not come on when i pull it down is it a fuse? witch one
When I put gas in the vehicle it is hard to start, now after I run it about 20 min. and come to a stop the engine comes to a stop.. It has a ezfuel and no gas cap. When it is running and I put the fuel nozzle in it u can tell the motor is dying down.
What are the approximate labor hours for acomplete replacement of the 4.6L engine: remove and install with ford factory rebuilt engine.
Two months after purchasing Ford Expedition 2010 EL Limited I started to would feel several "jolts" "thumps?" before the car makes a full stop. Hope to have some input from you guys before I go to the dealership.
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