2007 Ford Expedition Questions

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It goes like 5 miles p/h and shakes like a there is a earthquake in there.. Already changed sparkplugs, battery. What could be wrong with it? Any suggestions? Before I spend thousands of dollars
We have been experiencing fuel odors inside the cab of our 2007 Ford Expedition especially with the vent on, vehicle stopped, and the engine is idling.
Ticking coming from passenger side valve cover.
After looking under my newly purchased 07 expedition for the source of a loud nocking when on rough roads. I found that there where no bushings left on the body mounts. why would they wear out so fast. how much does it cost to replace?
Sometimes the A/C works properly for a short time after starting the vehicle then you can hear the diverter close and the fan motor keep blowing. What might the problem be?
Dirt road caused a lot of problems in the past with the wiring harness.
My mechanic changed the shocks inside the air bags. He also replaced the air compressor. He did NOT disable the air suspension system before doing so. Now the compressor runs but nothing pumps up. Please help.
functions work but the lights do not stay on when turned on. Changed bulbs and checked fuses.
Pulled a P0330 code. Normally run 87 octane fuel. Installed CAI. Engine temp seems to be fine. Should knock sensor be replaced?
Crank won't start no fuel pressure jus trying to find FPDM not under
the scanner shows me the U0100 Code: there is lost whit ECM/PCM.
And everything I tried did not start the car.
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