2007 Ford Expedition Questions

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replaces my climate control with a new climate control, but now I have no power. what to do
The Expedition will not accelerate over 15 mph. It has a slight ticking sound. Anyone have any ideas?
My limited 2007 ford explorer had recently started too die randomly. Went to get it fixed and they said the master air flow cylander was bad as well as my throttle wires.... Okay.... Went to pick it up when they said it was ready... still cranking up a little rough, but it will not rev up when you press the gas now!!!!! What could cause that!??
I lost timing on both phasers had to replace timing chain guides tensioner and chain now that I put them on want to make sure I’m correct so I don’t tear anything up
I was driving at 75mph when my emission warning light was on. Then I pulled over and turned off the engine. I turned on the engine after 5 seconds. The warning light was gone. It didn't come back again. Once I arrived at one gas station, I pulled out my car's manual and started looking at it. One thing I read as a cause for emission warning light display is loose gas tank cap. I checked the gas tank cap. Interestingly, It was not tight. Immediately, I remembered gassing up my dependable beast expedition. I genuinely love my vehicle. Now my question is: Could that be the only reason? Indeed, I will take my beast for its computer diagnosis or scanning. Thanks
Driver seat will move forward and back, bottom tilts, lumbar works, but the back won’t move back it only moves forward, what can I do to fix it?
Lift gate/ lift glas ajar notice comes on, it beeps, and some lights come on. Sometimes all at the same time, sometimes only beep, sometimes only lights, sometimes just the notice but the lift gate and glass are closed and locked, how can I fix it? It’s a 2007 Ford Expedition XL
The check engine light came on 30 min before
Just replaced exhaust manifold and a spark plug doesn't feel like it's missing only feeling like the tranny is slipping when on cruise control yes check engine light came on just before
It goes like 5 miles p/h and shakes like a there is a earthquake in there.. Already changed sparkplugs, battery. What could be wrong with it? Any suggestions? Before I spend thousands of dollars
We have been experiencing fuel odors inside the cab of our 2007 Ford Expedition especially with the vent on, vehicle stopped, and the engine is idling.
Ticking coming from passenger side valve cover.
After looking under my newly purchased 07 expedition for the source of a loud nocking when on rough roads. I found that there where no bushings left on the body mounts. why would they wear out so fast. how much does it cost to replace?
Sometimes the A/C works properly for a short time after starting the vehicle then you can hear the diverter close and the fan motor keep blowing. What might the problem be?
Dirt road caused a lot of problems in the past with the wiring harness.
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