2006 Ford Expedition Questions

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Had a 2004 and now own 2006 and both have starter problems a scraping sound iv changed it twice and continue
Can I pull the engine out of a 2006 Ford Expedition through the engine compartment or do I have to remove the body from the frame to pull the motor out
Already used a 7mm to small
Shuts off after I drive it for an hour, I have to stop and turn off the car and start back up. And the check gage light pops up
When deceleration and stoping the engine does not shut off... is there a module on the transmission I can check?
Need quoted for a transmission that is not allowing the vehicle to backup?
Clock - light is too dim
No code check by auto zone, It idle , run fine. No check engine light.
I have code P 0345 & P0349 in a expedition 2006, i replace both cam sensor and check wiring harness and everything is ok. pcm it´s ok too. somebody help me?. thank you.
Un-commanded TCC apply on the 1-2 shift causing perception of hesitation and/or lack of power during shift until you reach 15 to 20 miles an hour. Then it takes off!
There was intermittent flickering of the lights, instrument panel and door buzzer. There was clicking when I tried to start the engine. With the key on I could not get it to shift to neutral. This just happened this morning. The vehicle was used last night.
Change coil pack and plug next day was driving and Engine Fail Safe Mode alert came on and about 5 miles down truck killed and wouldnt stay running once shifted into drive so changed throttle body sensor and I am still having some problem, not running on all cylinders and dying out once shifted into drive. Someone telling me may have jumped time , what do I do and what is my problem?
Changed out the alternator but the charging system light comes on after a couple of minutes. The battery is good and the new alternator is charging. I changed out the previous alternator about 3 weeks prior but it did go bad. Then when I stuck the new alternator in this continued to happen.
I had went to the car wash the kind you drive in and it washes your car. After i left the light came on.
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