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Just want to ask What is the purpose of this button that located in back?
the lite came on when a spark plug went bad i changed plugs it runs fine dealer dont list oil temp switch one of the techs told me its the same as the engine temp sensor,just wonderd if this is true before i bought one
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2005 expedition, 150K, trans slipps only with OD "on" and will only shift from 1st to second, third on up will not shift to. with OD off, still shifts from 1-2, but without any slipping(racing RPM's, no forward push) No OBDII codes at all. looking to replace the trans. Just dont know if i can get it done with a great mechanic friend for peanuts or do the AAMCO's and EAGLE transmission shops prices low enough where they can do it for 10% over the DIY cost(saving me tons of time)
I have i bend frame on the left side where i ran uinto a wall at speed about 35mph. I had the car check in korea and they said that everything is stright except the frame the streeling wheel in out of line also.
I've replaced the fuel pump fuse a couple times. The truck will start, but within just a couple minutes, the fuse is blown again. The FPDM is the only thing I can think of that might be causing this.
i was driving when I noticed that my oil guages was going down, I pulled over to check the oil, i discoverd that there was no oil in there, (however, there were no visualible oil leaks on my garage floor.) I put oil in and tried to drive it home when it quit on me, after a while it started back up with loud ticking noise. I was told that it was the oil pump but ill be better off replacing the engine. I need advice and directions.
I changed #2 coil because the light was staying on and I went to advance auto to put it on computer . They told me number 2 cylinder misfire so I replaced #2 coil like they recommended . My SUV idles good now however the check engine light started flashing while driving .
SES light was on Dtc 506 Idle Air Control System RPM Lower Than Expected, freeze frame eng rpm 489, tps (%)14.1, ect(f)192 I'm not sure but I think it was in park during freeze frame capture. I have cleaned inside of throttle body around throttle body butterfly, have checked for vacuum leaks but none found, air filter is clean. Right now at normal operating temp rpm is between 750-908, TPS 14.5 (%), ENG temp 192(F).Code has not set after clearing code.
I have a check engine light on with P2197 code showing from Autozone
Blinkers will work sporadically
The engine light came on and the truck ran rough we read the code and it said it was the camshaft acutator. The truck runs fine now. What is this and should we have the trucks actuator replaced? Thank you!!!!
Compressor is not running.
when Exp is running there is a rythmic thumping like someone patting a drum coming from the right rear panel above the tire. Also the check engine light is on.
Usually when I turn my A/C on I her the clutch kick on. Now I turn on my A/C and hear nothing and it blows hot air. How can I troubleshoot this problem?
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