2005 Ford Expedition Questions

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Just started leaking out of on where. much is this going to cost me and can I do it my self..
new transmission, shop said it cut the wires to my remote starter, didn't tell me, I tried to start it with the remote didn't work so I went in with the key. It doesn't even try to turn over, just the warning lights. anyone??
No one has the wrench
2005 expedition
lost aa power,and cannot put in gear
Husband started up our Expedition this morning and he got to listen to what sounded like the tape deck clicking all the way to work. What could it be? He put tape in and took out (didn't work), tried turning vehicle off and on (didn't work) help please.
All lights work ,Radio,fan,horn,wipers everything works.
Had starter tested and it is good.
It's knocking real bad...,
Vehicle has new fuel pump,fuel filter, fuel pump driver module, battery, throttle positioning sensor, accellerator pedal unit. The diagnostics codes that have been pulled up are: Camshaft positioning sensors(bank A & B);turbo sensor wastegate high; O2 sensor heater; Fuel rail pressure sensor; EVAP purge valve fault; EVAP vent malfunction; Torque converter circuit electrical; Shift solenoid malfunction;Pressure control solenoid A control circuit low. What's next? The PCM unit?
I had noticed before a skip going up small hill 3 or 4 times. I just recently had to get a new transmission. This was a problem before I got new transmission also. What would cause this? We also replaced the throttle body.
trying to locate an accelerator pedal sensor with no luck, not real sure this will be the answer either. Originally started up and ran for 2 minutes, then died; acted as if the fuel pump had gone out. Changed pump and filter, now TPS on throttle body and still nothing. What's next to look at after accelerator pedal sensor?
it will not go over 35 mph and it runs rough
Check engine light is on.
running with key in your hand
There is no check engine light on but when I shift to drive or reverse and the vehicle is in motion, I can hear clattering or something loose in the engine. The oil level is where it should be so it's not the valves.
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