2005 Ford Expedition Questions

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I currently have a 6 CD changer stereo in my Ford Expedition 2005 Eddie Bauer want to know if a 2007 2 2009 GPS stereo what plug and play into the 2005 Ford Expedition I understand already the dashboard will not fit correctly but it's not part of my question
My expedition broke down in my friend's driveway. My pulley on my ac compressor froze and snapped belt. I replaced ac compressor, and now my 2005 expedition wont start When I turn key there is a faint beep noise. Any ideas on why it won't start?
Tranny needs replacement
my Ford Expedition XLT 2005 car gives beep sound with a message on my dashboard saying check electronic throttle control for the last two days !! Actually i don't know why ? as the car is moving normally no problems with the throttle but today something happen i don't if it has something to with this or no , The AC suddenly broke down and the car became more heavier ( slower abit ) ! I don't know what caused it to appear I hope you help me ... Is my car in problem with throttle or I should change anything ?? because I read that it's a serious problem and if I waited the car may not be drivable !! Also abt the AC breaking down does it belongs to it or I just have to check the compressor ………Thanks a lot I will be appreciated if someone could help me
In two separate occasions, while in driving mode, all my sensors on the dashboardlight on and my truck engine turns off. During that time my steering wheel locks and so do my brakes.
there's a loud knocking took it in they said its there cams its just getting louder n louder
Engine idles fine but shutters after extended driving. I usually notice after exiting the highway, car almost stalls while at light. If I shut engine off and restart issue clears until I start driving more.
Won't shift gears. Rpms rev up no movement. Fluid is great no burnt smell no history of transmission problems. Filter is good as well
engine light is on
Idles fine accelerates good had plugs replaced about 2 months back
Have had everything done to this vehicle just when you think your finished repairing it another thing happens. Runs great has awesome pick up and go, yet when sitting at stop light it dog's out and you here a clatter type noise when you give it a little gas to get it idleing normally .Vehicle has rebuilt transmission less than 30 days ago, I also replaced camshaft sensors ,tires, rack/pinnion and brakes. Now I have a clunk sound when going over bumps from under carriage of vehicle. Any Ideas at what ideling problem and clunk could be? OH yes and is their a way to tell which tire pressure sencor is bad ? Without replacing one at a time to see which one it is.
Also note slight hesitation/miss on acceleration on mild incline.
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