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my oil pump went out always fun in my 5.4 ford 24 valve ford expedition Eddie baur edition. So i opened it up upon pulling the timing cover i find my timing guides shattered in to the motor let the chain slap the timing cover so at this point i am already there so i replace the whole timing assembly camphasers, tenshioners .guides and oil pump. well i clean out the oil filter everything ensure the tube is cleared in the pan and clean so now i put the motor back together start it up . Wow sounded perfect no hick up couldn't hear phasers i was pretty happy so i take it for a test drive go ahead get it up to 85 miles per hour no problem ran smooth bring it back down drove about half mile further my oil pressure gauge starts dipping to nothing and back up and then down. Note: it was at running temp at this point. So i limp it back to the house and think vct solenodes. so i trouble shoot them by unplugging them motor picks up so i test drive and same story. it just sound like the oil isn't getting to the top of the motor to me any help in the matter is appreciated.
It loose power when backing up and shut off
Need to replace rear wheel studs
Has a miss does on #3 cylinder have change cool twice and still gets a code and has a ruff idle and runs bad can any body help
Just replaced plugs and coil packs. The engine is down on power ato times oscillating back and forth from normal power to sudden loss at speeds of 10-60.
error coded P0174 and P0430
Engine Failsafe Mode came on after replacing the Throttle Position Sensor. What is wrong?
If I do I get sparking at post and smoke at alternator
While driving the rpms go up and it accelerates on its own. But once you put it in 2nd gear it wont so it. What can be the problem?
Worked earlier then tried another key and CPU put back how it was now will not read key
Says it's a cam sensor, but it's been replaced and still does it. Any ideas what it could be?
and the oil is just fine. What else can it be and what am I looking at as total cost in repairs?
Looked on line. No help. Auto zone appears to says coolant and cylinder head temp sensor the same & located under the left Manifold intake. Coolant temp not on Thermostats housing or upper rad hose areas nor under the alternator housing left side. I have purchased both coolant and CHT sensors from Advanced Auto. Private shops have declined the task. Code 0116 has come up. Poor gas mileage. Electrical interruptions of gauges and radio etc. when accelerating. 2005 expedition 5.4L tri valve the Eddie 4wd. Help! Am I doomed to go to the Ford Dealership to get the intake manifold removed for a $70 part replaced?
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