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My O/D OFF sensor flashes when my truck is still cold. It will do it till I come to a full good temp. I also have Hard shifting and RPM's move while parked.
Code p2197. Vehicle jerks at steady throttle while driving. Idles a little rough. Sometimes has a hesitation when given gas. Replaced o2 sensor 1, bank 2. Didn't seem to fix anything.
P0405 (exhaust gas recirculation sensor a circuit low) is the actual definition... Need to know what that means and what to do to fix it please and thanks...
There's no problem just want to know how to remove since I am changing the sub woofer.
Lost the keys
What do I need to do next? Does it need programmed?
How do I get volume or sound to work?
Left from brake caliper sick when driven, it get very hot.
The car cannot select gear
Take off from stop position engine drags in 1st gear and hear grinding sound from engine only when starting off from stop position engine drags
Everything is new, full of freon. Running a jumper wire from the starter wire made it blow cold air. A mechanic thought it was ecu, brought one out, no
I changed the valve its self...but the hose needs replaced. I've noticed the end of hose has rotted and my truck runs a little ruff , mainly at a stop light.. I'm a single women and finding someone to fix it is tuff. not sure on how much it would cost to have someone do it for me. Thank you for your help ,Diana
This will happen erratically sometimes daily sometimes monthly. This has been going on for a long time and as time goes on it occurs more often
my 04 is trying to start but wont crank

How long have you had this problem? today
Just replaced cv axle placed in four wheel drive so I could loosen bolts and take out old cv axle installed new. Cv axle, wheel hub assembly, rotor and brakes. Went to test drive vehicle will not disengage four wheel drive? When I put in four wheel drive I heard the loud clink sound now it want disengage help??
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