2003 Ford Expedition Questions

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It is a constant flutter while driving and hesitates on tale off. No engine power at all. Is it the plugs?
Happens when hot or cold,cranks back immediately. Replaced fuel pump,coils & plugs,newer battery & alternator. Dealership & others cannot find issue.
Tells me a door is open constantly, tells me tire pressure is low, that's always checked.
It take 10 to 20 minutes to fill.
I was heading home 2 days ago and suddenly I began to smell a burnt odor inside of the truck, I believe my windows were down, so at first I thought that the smell was out on the road. But it continued all the way home. I didn't drive the next day. But 2 days later the burned smell reappeared. Its not a sweet smell, so that rules out an antifreeze leak, its not a burning oil smell, I checked under the car and there was no leak or smell. No smell coming from the engine bay either. I then checked to see if my brakes were producing the smell, nothing. The only thing that I noticed is that the smell might be coming from the vents. Any ideas? I read that it might be related to the heater core, but I dont understand this as I haven't turned on the heater in many many months, just the ac. Perhaps a short somewhere? There is no check engine and the truck otherwise runs fine with no other sounds. Im not sure how to troubleshoot this.
My rpm read 4000 when running. Weather sitting still or going 70 it always reads 4000. It goes to 0 when turned off.
we wrote down numbers to the old computer that was in our vehicle, and then we were told that computer was bad, so we was charged for a new computer and for labor which was very expensive, the vehicle did the samething 2 weeks after getting vehicle back, so we checked the numbers on the computer and they are the same as what was on the old one that was supposably removed.
All fuses, relays are good ,safety switch in the back was not triped,all wiring looks good .pump will not come ,need info on what I should check next before saying new fuel pump is bad, that a lot work replacing pump again if I don't have to.
I have the lugs off already, car in the air and the tire still wont move
This is happening even though I have changed all my coils and all my spark plugs which a ASE certified mechanic told was the problem. I also had new injectors installed. After they were changed it ran good for about 5 miles and then it started again. Can this be the oxygen sensors, catylitic converter, or another problem.
when it runs it is always at 4000. for awhile when the lights would come on it would drop back down to 1800. but now it is always at 4000. the only time it is at 0 is when turned off.
I just purchased a 2003 expedition, eddie baur edition. it has 169000 miles on it. There is a fluttering noise on acceleration. I notice it more when the vehicle is in motion than if i just rev the engine. I am used to driving an accord 4 cyl. Is this a normal sound or could something be wrong.
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