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It stops but it’s like a sponge when you press pedal
New fuel pump and car still want start
This happens every time I drive my car. I get a jump and it starts and drives with no problems. Battery drains completely 1 hour after turning off the car.. I was told it is a electrical short in the steering column. the blinker switch does not stay up or down.
I had to drop the starter to replace bolts that went bad and pulled out and allowed the starter to come lose. I did not disconnect the battery and when I let the starter hang, I heard and arc. I disconnected the battery then finished the repair. Once I bolted it all together, reconnected the battery, I tried to test it. When I turned the keys to acc, everything seemed fine, all dash lights and dings. When I tried to start it, heard a click and all power went out. Pulled the positive off of the battery and put it back on and got same results.
I have water coming through the interior handle up by the windshield on the drivers side. I have checked tubing by winshield, all clear and connected. All door seals are in place and good. I just don't know what else to check for. Any help would be appreciated.
Ing in my backs wheels like they are going to fall off
I have plenty antifreeze in it
My Expedition takes off in first second but if you let off the gas pedal it feels like it goes in neutral when you step on the gas it slams back in gear could that be the sensors or is my transmission just going out
Cord pack.4 has been replaced right along with the sparkplug but now its reading cord pack 4 again. I have already changed 4 more wit the plugs along with cord pack 4. A few weeks ago it stated I had multiple misfires after cord pack 4 with the spark plug got replaced. My truck drives like it's not picking up.speed when the air is on. And it cuts off wen running the air. Every so often without the air running. I can remember a mechanic changing a hose under my hood but a friend stated that it was the wrong size..don't want to have to purchase another vehicle if its not costly but don't want to keep it if its sudden to quit.
What problems does this model and year exhibit?
I just don't know what side or if both. Don't know how many the truck has.
Battery cables are connected right ,so I disconnected the altinater wires and the headlights come on and abs and air suspension pump as well on it's own , while key is in my hand (also replaced altinater as well ) also no power coming to the inside as if it's has a mind of it's own so baffled, can one help me with this issue
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