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Well when I'm going down the road it feels like I can feel the front tires just grabbing but even though I have my drive front Driveline out because I don't know why my 4 by 4 is not working so I took that out and now I got a new motor in my rig and everything else I still haven't put that drive away in but my 4 by 4 light is blinking on and off on my Dash what could cause that
I am replacing the door on a 2000 Expedition and I need to know how to and where to disconnect the wiring harness going to the body. Thank you
Crank, no start. Oil pressure low.
Backed out of parking place and could not shift into forward
Had the engine serviced, head work, all electrical, still not cranking, I can manually crank it on with a bypass, but again I'm only getting 4 of 8 cylinders working
The gas peddle has to be pushed to floor and still hardly moves.
Blinker stop working then the techs tested the fuses and the brake lights stop working.
All doors are closed it started once i tryd to open my back door with my key now my lights are on and wont go off
The anti-theft light in dash keeps blinking and how do I reset the key combination on driver door
This is the first time it has done this. All lights come on everything else works just won't crank,
need to replace flywheel
hi there i have a 4.6 liter in my expe. and we just replaced the motor with another junkyard motor last month beacause it had a blown head gasket and its been running ok but servce light comes on and the code was p0401 EGR insufficient flow detected and now its 2 codes come up the EGR one and knock sensor one so i need help figuring out what needs done any help would be great and there is no smoke coming out of tail pipe or no over heating .
I have water in my engine oil, does anyone knows what the cause might be? can it be multiple things?.
I changed my oil and that's how I noticed it, I was also having problems starting it but after the oil change it stared just fine for about 4 days and then the problem come back.
Thank you very.
Can you help also getting an and signal
I do pull over right away when overheating and turn off. When cooled down, I slowly take off cap and then antifreeze comes out and I replace it. Can usually drive all day with nothing else happening! Service Engine Soon light stays ON. Battery light is flickering on and off (not all the time).
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