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My overdrive light was flashing.disconnected battery, light quit blinking, but transmission will not shift into overdrive q
I have change the master flow system, spark plugs, oxygen censers, but haven't change the coils. Just can't not figure it out. I thought bit maybe a vacuum leak.
Need help!
Is there a way to by pass the alarm.
it happens more so when the cruise is not being used and/or driving against the wind. also will do it when over drive is switched off.
The light does not always stay lit for the mileage. I would like to put a new instrument panel in. Does the instrument panel just unplug once I remove the instrument dash pieces?
my engine makes a loud knocking noise when in park and when I shift to drive it stops but when driving my 4x4 sensor light flashes when driving and my radio goes in and out
my radio goes out when driving and my 4x4 sensor light inside dash flashes and when Im driving and come to a stop it makes a loud fanning noise in engine. also when I turn off engine in the inside dash it makes a clicking noise
I'm hoping for better fuel mileage
I was getting high idling while driving not while starting up found that the Trottle Sensor was bad again ,I had replaced the Trottle Position Sensor and Idle Control Valve back in March 2013 due to rebuilding just put everything new. I'm now getting a high idle when starting up after replacing Trottle sensor again. Would it be the Idle valve to again.
It will start and run normal. It will reverse but wont move forward when put it drive
All this happened just after a rain storm
Getting No Codes
Hesitating when taking off
New IAC installed
how to trouble shoot oil leak
Flushed Twice, New coolant, New pump, New thermostat 192', New Fan cluch, overheats when A/C is turned on the Highway but not in City traffic What can be the cause of this
Vehicle misfires sometimes,Occasionally dies Tach and speedo go dead will not restart until the key is cycled fully off then back on Odometer reads only lines until restart then quit working all together,Intermittent Heavy Stumble on acceleration not a misfire more of complete loss of power momentarily then comes back on. Set various codes for All the above sensors one at a time without check engine light. Has freeze frame data sometimes. Code and data clear on first key cycle. Crank,TPS,Knock,cam,and MAF sensors all test good. Battery 12.6 volts key on,14.2 volts running,Replaced coils and secondary O2 sensors, EVAP monitor will not set. Never the same code twice. All symptoms clear up for a day or two then come back one at a time never at the same time. Checked grounds and commons for voltage and resistance. I suspect PCM ground or PCM power feed. Possibly on the VSS circuit. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Overheating when on interstate, new thermo, new coolant do you know where the temp sensor is and if it has 1 or 2
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