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I have a 99 ford expedition with a 4.6 engine. I have changed every component I can think of but code comes back. When I clear the code, I can drive for a long time. After I shut the car down for the day or a few hours, I restart and the code comes on. What will cause this?
Ford expedition when I accelerate the throttle body sounds as off it's choking and when I let off the gas it sounds like a slow airleeak fading away only happens in drive not in neutral could it be a vacuum leak please help it's costing me lots of gas money I don't have
It barely will move when i put into gear but if I put in neutral or park it will gain RPMs
Im having air suspension problems on my 1999 Ford expedition v8 engine. I’ve tested all the lines and bags for leakes with out problems. Replaced a rear height sensor. Checked the front height sensor works fine. The pump turns on and off no problem. The relay under the right fender is fine and the pigtails are good as well. I’m unsure why the bags aren’t getting air it’s driving me crazy.
Ford Expedition. 1999. Was driving home and got stuck in traffic jam. Could smell something like burning. Got home and behind the front tire was smoking.
I replace the master cylinder the brake line the brake pads brake rotor and the brake caliper still there driver side caliper sticks it will not release unless I undo the bleeder valve and then it will release only the driver side front wheel is locking up
I filled the windchill wiper reservoir with fluid and I could hear the motor running trying to spray the fluid but nothing came out. I also noticed after a period of time that the fluid had leaked out I need to do through fluids or check individual lines for leaks for trash Build up or is there a more simple way of checking this?
My 1999 ford expedition...started acting up I thought it was the gas I have gotten! Well had the fuel filter changes n siphon that gas out! But it still wants to lose power n sputtering while driving,hit the gas n sometime it will get back to normal! What is the problem? Please help!
1999 Ford Expedition will crank over and attempt to start when I spray Starter Fluid into the manifold but will immediate die after running for 1-2 seconds. I then attempt to start again and will crank over but not start. New battery and starter is good. I'm thinking it could be the Fuel filter, anything else it might lead to.
Cost to get ECT replaced in a 99 for expedition

What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing yet
Water dripping from the black box/evaporator cabinet underneath the glovebox. I was able to determine that the box was really cold and the drip was condensation on the box.
no oil on stick refilled now i have a knocking sound coming from engine,what could it be thanks
If I try to take off too fast or when I'm pulling up a hill my vehicle makes a popping noise and jerks like something is going to break...looked underneath can't see anything and the rpm gauge don't jump like it would from transmission slipping
Truck stalls when put in reverse and cuts off drives perfect
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