1998 Ford Expedition Questions

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When this happened the car studdered
Few weeks ago I was working on my truck, I smell a burnt wire from the back
Car shaking when gassing then light come on and off check engine light
I have a 1998 Ford Expedition when I press on the gas I get a loud screeching noise the faster I try to go to louder than noise get when I release the gas the noise goes away and I also have no power as I'm pushing on the gas
I bought my 1998 ford expedition, only running on six cylinders replaced coils and plugs where they were needed. ran good for about two months. and had to replace another coil. ran good for about a month and started fouling again. replaced the plugs threw out the motor. two months later cylinder 4 blows a plug out of the head. replaced coil and plug. less then six months later same plug and coil blew out again. replaced it. still having a fouled cylinder in different areas. #5 cylinder then the next day it will be #6cylinder, next day it will be#4 cylinder. what am I doing wrong?
Driver wheel shakes steering wheel shakes violently at high speeds
Also there are two different sensors since there are two different transmissions for this vehicle, I was told it has the "big one", what is the easiest way to determine which transmission I have?
What a good price range
The blinkers work randomly everyday sometimes for 30 minutes other times 2 seconds and other times not at all the horn and emergency flasher work just fine all fuses are fine.
I think my number 1 cylinder is misfiring a little.
our Expedition just started missing day before yesterday and now today the check engine light came on. It has plenty of oil and water and brake fluid so those aren't the problem. Could it be a loose plug wire?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing seems to make it worse
How long have you had this problem? 2 days
Checked fuses all good.
The voltage meter on my dash for the battery is really low it's not in the middle where it usually is. Can you tell what could be wrong? I checked the battery cables and they are tight.
My tire wobbles really bad
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