1997 Ford Expedition Questions

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Making a clunking noise at low speed could I take it out and still drive for a week until I get a new one
What cylinders are a
I need to replace my flywheel. My transmission is E4OD to torque converter has 4 bolts. Is there way I can find flywheel replacement with out part number?
What is purpose of putting car/transmission in neutral during removal.
I will be doing transmission swap for a low mileage transmission. How much do i need to refill swaped out transmission after installing it. What type of transmission fluid for 1997 ford expedition E4OD?
Does truck need to be in neutral to turn crankshaft?
Automotix has transmission I needed. Has anyone had bad experience.
Loss power engine has a loud knock sound maybe exaust and runs bad terrible gas milage
When vehicle is cold/warm or has not be driven for hours, the fluid on dipstick is over the "do not add" cross hair area. When it is hot and running idle, is into the "hot" cross air area.
I have a 1997 ford expedition a couple months ago i took expo to work next morning i went to leave work & expo would not start @ all check engine light blinking really fast. Well come to find out it was a pcm power relay & a diode well we had the whole computer replaced as well as relay & diode i just found out computer needs to be reprogrammed well im not quit sure if mechanic reprogrammed computer or not. My husband changed starter prior to that incident well mechanic rewired starter cause i guess husband didnt wire starter right. Shortly after we just had new relay & diode as well as new computer installed now my expo will not start again the expo still has power meaning headlights still turn on the overhead lights in vehicle turn on they aren't as bright but they do turn on there is a clicking noise it sounds like its coming from the area where we put key in we have had the battery tested thats good we tested relays & fuses those seem good it just wont start somebody please help
I noticed my fuel gauge went from half to 3/4 of a tank on fuel indicator and flashed "low fuel" indicator for second. Then went back to half a tank.
There is a three prung plug in the grill of my expedition what’s it for
Whats the plug for on my 1997 expedition
It just happened for the first time. I had just started the truck and a loud pop happened and started like putt putting then lost power and started smelling like gas and exhaust inside the truck.
Code showed up. We changed the speed sensor on the transmission. Still doing the same thing, any suggestions?
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