1997 Ford Expedition Questions

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It just happened for the first time. I had just started the truck and a loud pop happened and started like putt putting then lost power and started smelling like gas and exhaust inside the truck.
Code showed up. We changed the speed sensor on the transmission. Still doing the same thing, any suggestions?
I have not googled this yet, and I have not checked any fuses or if the instrument lights/dash lights work or not.
It turns off when I turn it on like it didn't have no gas
Brake lights don't come on except the third upper brake light.
And smells like gasonly for a minute. Once going it sputtered and acts like it's going to die
Every afternoon, and occasionally throughout the day the break lights come on and off. Sometimes they stay on for a few seconds, maybe a minute then go off. I disconnected the break switch plug on the top of the pedal. The lights still come on and off. This occurs when the vehicle is not running, days even months at a time.
I take the car in about every 6 months but I dont know if this is often enough for a 20 year old car.
I only get 12 MPG and want to increase that number.
I can almost always hear the engine from inside the car when I am driving
After starting the motor as soon as key is released it dies
t stat is new collent is full heater core is good had heat and it just stop working
When engine is cold.
I'm eating starter an won't run the fly week to big
Sounds and runs little rough started after a oil change and a new air filter was put in
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