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My excursion started overheating several months ago. The radiator needed to be replaced. This was done and a complete system flush was done along with an air lock check. Everything worked until the ac was turned on, then the gauge showed it was overheating but laser temp sensor showed it was not overheating. I had the water pump, temp sensor, thermostat and clutch fan replaced. Vehicle still shows overheating and will go into limp mode but it actually is not overheating because you can take the radiator overflow cap off and laser sensor shows normal temp. I am thinking its electrical. I have not replaced the temp sender yet. It only shows overheating when I turn the A/C on. When I shut the ac off, the gauge goes back to normal. What else can I do?
hadn't run for about three weeks,came home no start,jumped and went to town and back.stalled in driveway started back up started nxt day ran for a minute.stopped, Can'tget stated again,
Ford Excursion compass calibrator
I do not want to go to a dealership
my car ran good for an hour then started to die every few min. it started back up after set for a few min.
just replaced fuel pump and filter
just replaced fuel pump and filter
The fuel filter has been changed and so has the fuel pump, and it refuses to start again. The engine died as I was getting ready to get back in after starting it up to go home from work and it acted like it had just ran out of gas, no surging, missing or coughing, just slowly losing RPM's and died.
When I turn on the air conditioning, the rear ac blows ice cold but the front vents only blows warm air like just the vent is on. Fuse# 27 & 110 is good.I put a new vacuum pump and front blend door and heater valve. No luck.
when i hit my remote drivers door unlocks but none of the othersor rear door. the switch inside truck will lock all door but will also only unlock drivers door. truck does have remote start unit install if that makes a difference
After pain stakingly tearing my excursion apart, it has come to my attention that there is a filter inside the line coming from the compressor. This thing gets clogged pretty easily and collects trash from the compressor letting you know that its almost time for a new compressor. You have to have a special tool to get to it, but it finally solved my problem and I wanted to share my results... Good luck and thanks to all who helped.
Where is the expansion valve located.. if it even has one?
After narrowing down my A/C problem it has come to this: Either my accumulator or my evaporator. I replaced the accumulator, evacuated and recharged the system and still have the same issue. The evaporator the blower blows on is NOT getting cold. Does this thing clog or something? AM I MISSING SOMETHING??? God bless all of those who help... It will be returned ten fold...:)
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