2004 Ford Excursion Questions

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Checked fuses, replaced turn signal master switch
Truck is garaged so it is not subjected to extreme cold. Starts right up after glow plug lite goes off but has low power for approximately first five minutes and then runs fine. If outside temp is 60+ no issues with power. Air filter, oil and oil filter replaced with no significant difference.
My excursion comes to a complete stop and the with hard pedal pressure the brake lights come on. What causes the light not to work with normal pedal pressure?
broke down, had part delivered 50 miles out, wrong part. Mechanic said it was an 01 part and most of my starter electrical probably is as well. I bought the 04 excursuin new, how can it have wrong parts and how is the owner supposed to know this?
Randomly, my Turn signals, Cruise Control, Rear AC, and Reverse Lights Stop Working. I can't find any rhyme or reason why. Any ideas?
Engine looses power at any speed. Generally happens at a cruise but has happend durning acceleration. If you hold the accelerator at the same position the vehical will slow to almost a stop. engine RPM will almost be at idile. To recover simply release the accelerator re-apply power. The problem may reappear in a few seconds to months. It seems to be aggravated by heavy tow loads. Also the instant this power loss happens the glow plug indicater lamp comes on for just a second. all other guages and indicators are normal.
I have a 2004 Ford Excursion, The running board lights, and the inter lights say on for about 10-15 min after the truck is turned off, The Alarm will not set. I have tried the WD-40 Trick in the door looks, Is there anybody that might know where to look at next. I don't have the money right know to take it to Ford to look at it. Please Help....
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