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looking for a diagram as well

My engine light came on today what do I do now...

Not every time but here lately, more often than not.

my heater and ac works sometimes and sometimes it doesnt. when it doesnt work it doesnt work at all. when it does work it works on all speeds. could this be a resister or relay switch? i have checked all fuses.

2003 escort zx2 no heat.
Thinking it is a blend door problem .Is there an easy way to check this?


If anyone is familiar with Ford Escort ZX2s and a very, very, VERY rough idle, I'd really apprecaite your advice.

The car's always had a rough idle - either when at a stoplight and the car's in drive but stopped or sitting still. When I shift into neutral the idle gets smoother but there's still a slight vibration throughout the whole car.

It's now gotten so bad that even shifting to neutral doesn't help. Literally the steering column vibrates about an inch up and down and the entire seat shakes.

I thought it was the motor mounts so I ahd those replaced about 6 months ago but it didn't do much. The only thing that I can think of is before my alternator was replaced, the check engine light was on and the code was for a bad O2 sensor.

Could a bad O2 sensor make the car idle this roughly? Since they unhooked the battery, the light is off now and I can't get the code to see which sensor it is. Would it be helpful to replace the sensors to correct an extremely rough idle?

Oh, I notice that when the AC is off, the vibration is't as bad either.

Thanks for your help.

I was driving and all of a sudden it lost momemtum and the shut off. I tried to start it back up, it would turn over but not crank. At one point I got it cranked but when I went to press on the accelerator it cut off. It later began to sputter.

compresser stopped working

I recently sold my 2003 zx2 to my mother-in-law. I had it towed to a service shop not even a mile from me in Virginia and told them to look it over and fix anything that should be and also get it inspected. They called and said the Power Steering hose had a hole in it and they ordered the hose for about $80 then charged me $136 for looking in a guide to fix it.

The car drove fine to Maryland where my mother-in-law lives but it needed their state inspection since it was more stringent than Virginia so on the same day the car had a second inspection . We came back and he lifted the car in the air, Power steering fluid was dripping all along the ground, he said that the power steering pressure hose had a leak and he would need to replace it. Which cost another $250

Were these two hoses the same part? I feel the station in Virginia owes me a refund. Other things were wrong with the invoice too. Like they said it was test driven but the milage on the paper was the same and I asked the clips be placed back on the power steering fluid holder to clamp the hoses tightly, they didnt do that either.

Another question is who can I report the Virginia station to if they dont want to give me my money back, I could have been killed if my power steering went out while I was traveling 70 mph.

I have an Escort ZX2 with 60k and a transmission flush has been recommended for $270. There are no shifting issues with the car; the recommendation is based on the color of the fluid having gotten worse since the last time I took my car in. I bought the car from a dealer at around 33k miles. Not sure if they did any trans service at that time, but looking back, doubt it.

Not being familiar with these $270 "flushes" (I'm only familiar with the old-fashioned $50 drain and fill specials), I did some checking around and there seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions on whether it's better to get the flush or just go with the traditional service.

The car will be paid off in two more months so on the one hand, I want to do whatever will give the transmission the longest life, and if that's the more expensive flush, so be it. On the other hand, I'd really hate to risk anything that could result in my needing a new transmission right when I should be enjoying no more car payments. And from what I've read, the flush is risky business.

My owner's manual says not to use additives, etc and that's part of the BG flush system so that's another reason why I'm questioning the flush. And you don't even get a new filter with the flush. I'm tempted to save the add'l $200 and just go get the traditional drain, fill, and filter change special offered by another shop. But if it's true that these traditional "drain and fills" only change out about 1/3 of the fluid, maybe the flush is indeed the better path for trans. longevity?

Is there a cabin filter on the Escort ZX2 and, if so, where is it located?

On my daughters car the dash lights are out and the outside and parking lights stay on all the time. And also the book says the fuse panel is on the passenger side and it is on driver side and the panel does not match the book. Do you have a diagram of the fuse panel and what size fuses that are needed?

switch will not turn headlights off.have to pull fuse in order to turn off lights.

i noticed my service engine light came on and when i went to get my oil changed and asked them to reset the light they told me that there was a P0125 error, how much does this normally cost to repair?