2001 Ford Escort Questions

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The hot air stopped working on the heater. The fan is working, but it's cold air.
Car starts fine but can't get it out of park. Is this something I can fix myself?
I cant get the key out of the ignition. It wont turn back to the lock position. It is stuck on accessories.
the back brakes are locked so we cant get to the pads. we need to know if there is a tool to unlock them
I was driving my gf to work and bam engine light came on. I let my friend check it out he said its a air intake leak and i have no clue to fix it or replace it? it idle bad and gas milg sucks oh im not sure what type of engine it is i know its stock
I went to start my 2001 Ford Escort, 2.0 DOHC zx-2 it cranks but will not fire up. Got spark,fuel pump is working but no fuel pressure. Timing belt is on. What do I check next?
2001 ford escort sx2
Where is the fuse box for cigar lighter located the book say passenger side but doesnt say where?
went inside a store came out car wont start or turn over the gas cap light and check engine light came on what could be wrong?
I was driving and all of the sudden the right blinker started blinking fast did this until I got home where I went to turn the blinker on to check if the bulb blinked or if it might be a flasher relay and it was fine, bulb blinked at a normal speed. Flasher relay or bulb??????
I figured out that the fuse blew....I replaced it turned on my lights then it blew again and started smoking. I replaced it again with the lights on and as soon as I put the fuse in it blew for a third time. It is obvious that it is a short but I do not know where to even start looking for it. It is still drivable but I can not drive at night for fear of getting pulled over. Any input would be greatly apprciated. Thank You
i live in Louisiana so summer w/o air sucks. the air blows at all the same speed -slow- except for the first position blows very slow. I have already replaced the switch itself with no change. if it is the resistor where is it and how do i get to it. thanks
Where are all of the freeze plugs located at on a 2001 Ford Escort? It's leaking bad, and I'm afraid that I'll have to take it in and have them all replaced. The engine will probably have to be pulled to get to them all, and it will be costly.
i have a 2001 ford escort zx2 - died on the way home several months ago, i have replaced the ignition coil, the cam and crank sensors as well as the plugs, timing belt id good, fuel pump is working fine - not getting any spark at coil or plugs what do I need to check next?
the lights will not come on. but if you put on the light lever to flash your brights, then the lights will come on. if you hold the lever then you can work all the lights. what is the problem? is it the fuse, fusible link, or a ground wire.
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