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the head was redone and a new piston put on. Also the car has been sitting for 8 years with out attention. Is it wise to fix parts of a motor that has sat that long? or would it be wise to just get a new motor?
can't get car out of park
Have 2001 Ford Escort 4 door sedan. The check engine light was on, hooked up car OBD II to laptop using Autotap program for reading codes and real-time sensor outputs. Both O2 sensors read 0 MV. Replaced both O2 sensors with new Bosch units and cleared fault codes with program. Both new O2 sensors still read 0 MV. Changed out front sensor with another new Bosch unit and both still read 0 voltage. Tried new computer and still no sensor voltage. Rang out harness wiring and found no opens. Can't get car to complete emissions check without O2 sensor reading to pass state inspection. Car runs great
When i switch from park to Drive or reverse while pressing the brake my car will turn off. Its been happening for a couple of weeks now.
My CV gasket is new on my ZX2 I still have a small oil leak around the spark plug holes and spark plugs. Do I need to replace the cv gasket again or there's another oil seal on the ZX2 engine?
Does the Ford zx2 has brake problems? I hit my car yesterday up hill the car in front of me stop on a red light and I was probably 7 cars behind him. we were the only 2 cars on the road. I was not even speeding, my speed was around 20 miles per hour because I saw the red light. I stepped on my brakes and put the car in neutral but the car wouldn't stop or it the was sliding. It was raining yesterday and might be the cause of the car to slide. I just install new front brakes and other engine components. the car rans great but not sure if the Ford ZX2 has brake problems. I don't want my daughter riding with me if FORD ZX2 has brake problems. This would be my 2nd accident in 2 months. First one was definetely my fault because I was not for looking for 10 seconds (grab something on the front passenger seat). rear ended a car because someone wanted to exit at a last minute on 95. I fixed the bumper pushed it back and no major damages. I took out the reinforcement bar because it was already crack. I was going to replace it but too late. The car is still running but my driver side headlights is busted. If I have install a new reinforce bumper I might have totalled the other car yesterday.
I need to replace my airbag because the horn is stuck and the horn wont stop honking. Do I need to pull the fuse first for the airbag before changing the airbag and can do it myself? I bought used airbag.
car ran hot cut off and wont start. plugs have been replaced since still wont start
My on and off/ volume button on my ford zx2 radio came off and now the shaft justs goes in when I try to fix it. I was told it can't be fixed and I would have to get a whole new radio. If I can pull it out and fix it somehow let me know.
do you need to remove air bag and steering wheel to replace multi-function switch
I have a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 with 120,000 miles. I had the timing belt, Serpentine belt and Valve cover gasket changed. the engine light came On for "Camshaft sensor". i drove the car home after the mechanic diagnose my car
(he said to take it back the next day). drove the car with engine light on, the car drove fine with minimal engine noise better than before. i took the car back the next day and picked the car up after work. Mechanic said all set but he advise to change the timing belt tensioner. I started the car and the engine light came one again. mechanic advise that it might be the timing belt tensioner. I drove the car home again with engine light on and A RATTLING Sound coming from the throttle body when I accelerate or revving the car. the car drove better last night than today. the rattling saound is like the sound of a broken heat shield but coming from the throttle body. is the Timing belt tensioner is the cause of the rattling sound coming from the throttle body and caused the engine light to come on? Thank you
A year ago I took my car in because the brake light was always on. When I got it back, the battery kept draining. Once it completely went dead, I replaced the battery. But now NOTHING works, no lights, no radio, no nothing.
I need directions on how to set the marks on a timing belt replacement
Has not occured , changing as part of changing timing belt.
I just put new plugs and wires on my car, but it still runs badly. what do I need to set the plugs on to get the car up and running?
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