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Throttle control replaced 3rd gear ratio not shifting test also reveal pcv and pcv hose maybe issue all of this was told to Md but not sure who is telling me the correct answer please help
Turn the key and nothing, no noise, no nothing.
Has gas, oil, anti freeze, the car ran well until yesterday.
Fan for A/C-Heater oes not run. I think the fuse blew, but cannot find one marked Blower. I also need a diagram for the underhood fuse block. How do I tell if one of the underhood block type fuse is bad?
I checked the fuses, they are ok
I removed the control panel and there was nothing attached to the rear of the temp control knob and there was nothing that looked like it had come loose from the knob or controller. What part do I need and where does it attach ?
Everything looks fine engine and car running great but Do I need a new airbag sensor?

there is only one at the passenger side per AllData
or diagram for it zip code 16928 2002 ford escort
car has 96,700 miles, sat for 2 yrs. ABS lite does go out after starting. But the abs randomly tries to engage at a normal stop. Then the abs light comes on shutting of ABS.
ABS lite stays on until restart engine.
the canobd2 diagnostic tool gives a reading P1506.
I have tried everthing I know to do I have pulled with over 200 lbs. of pressure and the boot will not release from the tranny please tell me what I'm doing wrong
When making a turn left or right the steering seems to tighten.
Alternator checks out ok, battery is new, all fuses have been checked and are ok, but the voltage across the battery is 12.2 volts with nothing running and only 11.9 with all accessories on except pass compt fan motor for heater/ac. Can not get the car to actually discharge the batt below 11.65 volts-11.9 volts but the voltage never goes above 12.2 either. Any ideas?
brake lights work turn signals work i have no diagram on my fuse panel under the hood don't know if it is a fuse or something else. help me out please
how much engine coolant do i need to buy when my brother flushes my radiator for me
First noticed the speedometer dropped to 0 the started working then stopped, etc. The tachometer stopped completely, then idiot lights came on, starting witht the brake light, then seatbelt, etc. After parking, the engine idled high then low. I pulled the battery cable and it died. I hope it only the alternator but and concerned it might be more.
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