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brake lights wont go out also sometimes i cant get it out of park.

My 2001 Ford ZX2 won't shift out of park. It is an automatic. The brake lights are working. The shifter column has been broken for a few years but has always worked. I took apart the central console to see if there were any issues and couldn't see any. Suggestions would be helpful. Not sure if I need to replace the shifter or something else.

I was driving with my window down and it made a sound like the motor was running inside the door, just for a second. When I tried putting the window up, the motor runs but the window won't go up. Need to know how to take off the door panel so we can try to fix it.

automatic transmission

A/C not turning on. I want to recharge it but the compressor does not engage.

The car seemed to be running on 3cylinders and then the check engine light came on.

belt seems to be to small to fit

There is a 10 mm nut I took out but there is also a huge slotted 17mm plastic nut mounted to firewall towards the front of car. I have been turning on it forever with a big screw driver, doesn't come off. I need to change the blower motor relay and of course it is all the way in the back. I have copied and pasted a similar thread for detail.

1999 Ford Escort

Question: blower motor relay

chas1376, 2.0L 4 Cylinder SOHC, Pittsburgh, PA, January 17, 2011, 16:47

Where would blower motor relay be located?Ford shop manual I have says 30amp fuse is located driveside next to fusebox which I found,however,it does not give location of relay.I get no voltage at motor.Thanks,Chas1376

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Answer #1
DaveJHM January 17, 2011, 21:48

I think you should focus on the blower motor resistor, which is in line to the blower motor under the passenger side dash.

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Visitor, January 18, 2011, 07:46

A schematic of circuit shows wiper fuse(checks good) picks up relay coil,so blower motor circuit starts at 30 amp fuse(checks good),through contacts on relay to motor before resistors or control switch then to ground,I am not getting any voltage to motor which makes me believe motor relay is defective.My manual says relay is locate under driver's side,but I do not see it.Thanks,Chas

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DaveJHM, January 18, 2011, 20:36

Begging your pardon -- just that I've seen many Escort/Tracer blower motor resistors fail and melt.

To answer your question - there is a relay box up underneath the drivers side dash near the cowl. It houses 6-7 relays. Looks like it's buried up there pretty far. Good luck.

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Visitor, January 19, 2011, 09:21

I found it, you are right.It is housed under driver side inside with other relays upside down in white plastic box.Removedtop nut with#10 socket,also attacked with straight screwdriver on inside firewall replaced relay no joy.Going to blower motor right side passenger side and jump out motor.The circuit is 30 amp fuse,relay,motor to control panel including resistor bank.Motor wire blue/black wired to ground should operate motor with ignition switch on.that is my next step.Thanks for the reply,Chas

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DaveJHM, January 19, 2011, 20:28

Just quickly, have you looked at the resistor and wiring? Your theory of attack all sounds great, but cutting to the chase...if I had to put money on it...

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banging noise from under neath car

when it even just damp out the car idles weird and wants to die it looses power and doesn't want to move it shakes and shutters violently trying to stay running when you try to rev thew engine it sounds like its going to backfire

someone said one is incased in a box and the other is a two fan can anyone advise me

When the fan is first turned on, there is warm air but it quickly turns cold

Throttle control replaced 3rd gear ratio not shifting test also reveal pcv and pcv hose maybe issue all of this was told to Md but not sure who is telling me the correct answer please help