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When car is turned off then i try to restart it wont start. I have a 3 month old battery un it.
Crashed my 1999 few months ago. Unuseable but alota parts still in perfect condition. The newwer 2001 i found has been ok untill very recently the trans wetnt very bad very fast. Need to kno if its possible to take the working one out of my 1999 and put it into this 2001. Any one kno or can offer some advice? Please and thanks
Put a timing belt on in Jan of this year runs good other then the drive bent coming off this makes the third time.
Its a 2001 ford excort zx2 cp
It started this morning when I turned my wheel to turn. Now it keeps going on and off. Does it have to do with the all brake systems
What is the corm and where would I find it air comes out of the vents. My car is a 2001 ford escort zx2
We have a person working on our car & they where wondering if my car had a interference engine & they could not find where the knock sensor go at on my car?
car run for about two min.then deid I replaced the control module still no fuel pressure
I have oil and coolant leaking out underneath where tranny and engine meet. What could it be? While running it leaked out most of the coolant. Checked hoses & connections both good.
I'm trying to decide whether to make purchase of this car. If car won't start to get car to me then it makes it difficult. Should I pull the plug on the deal?
Have standard ac compressor went out just got bypass pulley was concerned about timing if bad plugs would be more consistent is only when clutch is pushed in usually when coming to a stop doesnt happen while driving just changed oil and replaced air filter maybe check for loose hose maybe o2 sensor maybe control module just feel vibration too extreme concerned and no check engine lites on am gna go to auto zone check codes but problem getting worse seems to happen once car warms up runs fine cold idk must be air to fuel ratio not correct let me know what u think thanx appreciate it
this just started when I last drove it.
So far I have checked the voltage at the 02 sensor itself and it is not the same as what the live data view is showing me IE: .3 at the signal voltage and live data view is still showing 0.00. This tells me something else is throwing it into "open loop" I do know that Fords in this year range have a problem with IACs and EGR passage ways. I will be starting in this area though until I read ur forum here I was gonna change the ECM. Well thanx so much for this posting and perhaps what little feedback I have may help you as well. I have already eliminated vacuum leaks with the exception of the little semi square black box on the end of the intake manifold,"Has a 5 or 6 pin electrical connector on it", I don't have any Idea what this is. I'll let you know more as I know more. Thanx again so much Michael
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