2000 Ford Escort Questions

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my car will start but when i try to shift the gear shifter wont move. could it be my trans or engine what can i do to make shifter move?
At times when I am Driving there is a squeaking noise from my clutch peddle when depress,
Could it be that I need to replace a part or the whole clutch
does this mainly when hot
What would cause Hard Power Steering.... a few days ago the Battery light came on and the power steering tightened. It's been several days and it's still doing it...
automatic transmission? any problems with them?
Am i supposed to re pack these when i do the brakes?
This is my son's first car, has about 160,000 miles and has started locking up with anti theft shut down where the switch will turn, lights on the dash but starter will not engage. If we wait hours (minimum of 2-3) it will then start. Have stopped using the clicker in case that is the problem it is very worn out. Don't want to spend lots on it cause it isn't worth it.
can u provide a routing diagram
troubleshooting an oil leak that I can't find but thinking it could be from that unit. The leak between the firewall and the engine.
how to repair ?

I have a 2000 Ford Escort Zx2
Faceing my car which nipple is for Freeon and which is for oil
The brake lights stay on when I turn off the ignition. What is the problem?
change timing belt
The problem of my is the gearshift cannot be moved from the p lever, the lamps work well. And if I use something insert into the hole beside the gearshift, it can be moved to other levers. What's the problem? and how much it will costs to fix this problem? Thanks.
how do I set the #1 piston on t.d.c. since the cams don't have timing marks???
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