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what does a 2000 pcm control on A 2000 ford escort and if i replaced it w/1997 pcm what would it control on a 2000 ford escort I was told that 1997 WOULD MAKE THE A/C NOT FUNCTION PROPERLY IF ANY AT ALL AND BY CONNECTING THE 1997 TO 2000 COULD CAUSE IT TO JUMP TIMING AND THEREFORE IT COULD HAVE CAUSED A VAVLE SEAT TO DROP IS THIS A FACT OR POSSIBLE?
Previous owner changed timing belt.The computer codes are saying everything is fine?Is this a faulty coil or back ignition wires?I did not change the wires cause they looked good.Any help would be great at this point.Paul
Replaced cam sensor,fuel pump,plugs,coil and noticed i was getting higher spark in #123 when i tested them on the side of engine block,but plugs where loaded with gas as if it was not firing.#4 plug had normal heat range.The car cuts right out when you take off.Only starts back up next day when you jump off another car.Could my plug wires be bad.I have never heard of a car doing this.Or is the injector unit/rail gone?
2 weels ago my mechanic told me my pads were getting thin and would need to be replaced soon. The brake warning light came on last night and won't turn off. I checked my fluid, it's dirty but full. The master cylinder is full as well. I just want to know if it's still ok to drive my car and how many miles I should still have left. I'm not hard on my breaks either.
usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to get hot
The A/C worked fine when I bought the car three months ago, and it still works, except now it will only blow out of the defrost vents on top of the dash board no matter what setting I have it on. I have tried pulling the radio/A/C controls panel out to see if maybe the wires had gotten disconnected, and everything appears to be as it should be there. I have no other ideas on what it could possibally could be. Any suggestions would be helpful, and greatly apprieated.
He already tried to repair what he thought was a vacuum leak in the Y hose.
Where is the location of the pcv valve.
We replaced the battery and the black box has to be hooked
up or car won't start, Is this just a ground ? And can we just
run the wires from it straight to battery since the box is broke?
how long dose it take for the check engine light out after replacing gas cap
out thank you
to locate the camshaft position sensor
The dealer already told me this is the problem but they want to charge me $265.00 to replace the part.
my car will start but when i try to shift the gear shifter wont move. could it be my trans or engine what can i do to make shifter move?
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