Transmission started refusing to shift into High gear most of the time and it blew 2 quarts fluid out under the hood, but yesterday it shifted into high
Just fine.

My transmission suddenly started refusing to go into high gear. Automatic. When I stopped, it had lost 2 quarts of fluid, blown out under the hood, no leaks visible. The check engine light is always on since I bought it 4 months ago. 197,000 miles.
With a quick drive, dealer said tranny was shot. Should it be checked for something else before buying a new transmission? I have read about stopped up filters, etc. When it is supposed to shift to high gear, the engine rpm just revs, but it doesn't shift. This has all happened within a week. The fluid was clear before the loss of fluid, and full.

How do you fix the leak from the sael connecting transmission to the engine and what exactly would be wrong?

This car is my dad's and he asked me to look into the problem. He said he's changed the "brain," so that shouldn't be the problem. His son drove it to work a few weeks ago, but when he got home and parked the car wouldn't start again and hasn't started since. Thank you for any help you can provide.

My car has 230000mi.on engine.having to fill radiator reservoir almost daily,but not radiator.today started smoking from underneath front right side .made a gurgling sound after I shut car off.heater putting out cold air

Do I need to change the entire strut component or can I just change the shock component

then rev it also now the transmission is acting like its going out but not its really herky jerky but only at slow speeds I almost think it could be electrical

constant problem

Automatic wagon

had oil on them. What's the problem?

Well guys my old car recently i change the alternator and the battery of my car and months later i start to get a failure with charging warning light turning on and off while driving. then yesterday i was cheking the alternator cables to see if they are okay and accidetally i pulled a thing orange cable that is together with the alternator plug cable, and now my car is draning the batterie and showing the charging warning light. I trying to figurate out where in the alternator this cable is going sow i can know if is that cable is the problem or not . Thank 4 the answer.