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My drivers side blinkers work fine but my passenger side blinkers don’t flash! All bulbs light up & work also!
I want to know so that i can try and remedy the vibration myself.
When I drive 6 miles my mileage so that I drove 12 miles on my 2012 Ford Escort sometimes when I drive 6 Mile my mileage say I drove 10 miles sometime when I drive 6 Mi my mileage show that I drove 8 Miles no noise no leaks
Why does the coolant light come on
All i want is to show me where the solenoid is located to check & of course the starter it self .
I need a visual of it so i can get to it PLEASE.... I just put in a new alternator & new battery
was woking fine for a few day's i use it early morning, when i went to leave for work nop nothing !!
Everything else work's light's, radio....etc dead won't turns over won't turn on PLEASE~PLEASE
It just is hard to get in reverse
Was driving down road and just died. Cranked over and started. Dove 1 mile and died. Bought new battery started, got it home. Replaced fuel pump, checked fuses, new plugs and wires and fuel shut off switch. New serpentine belt few months ago. Is there a relay somewhere I didn't check? How do I check power to fuel pump? Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.
Switching motor

All the sudden it wouldn't start so we thought it was the alternator we replace the alternator we replace the battery now we think it's the solenoid starter for the car and I just needed to know if it was a single overhead or a dual overhead engine so I know what type of starter solenoid to get
its getting gas and fire and it turns over reely good
its geting spark and gas and it turns over good
After the incident I found wires melted which I repaired with splices. Still only cranks. Fuel pump doesn't kick in.
A week and a half ago, i swerved off the road and hit a ditch. Now the turn signal will not blink when i switch it on for the left side. The right side works fine, and when i switch on the hazard lights, everything blinks but the left front turn signal light. I checked the bulb, and it is not burnt out. Please help!
Trying to get heater core out I have everything apart but can't get it out . I see something that looks like clips on the heater core but can't get to them to get them off
I would be driving my car and it would stall on me and die. I couldn't start it again until i got out and wiggled the plug that goes into the distributor. This was because the brackets broke and although it didn't feel loose, it was. It would start right up again and after we zip tied it, I didn't have the problem anymore. Then I accidentally left the radiator cap off and my car overheated and died again while driving. I didn't notice the overheat because I have never had that problem. I have been trying to start my car now for 5 days and it wont start. There was no white smoke coming out tailpipe, only radiator itself because cap was off. There is no oil in radiator either. I was told I had bad spark plugs, so I changed those and the wires. And put a cap back on. It is trying to start but it wont. Any ideas? Yes, when I was mad and stuck at a bad intersection, I put cold water into the radiator, even though I shouldn't have. I knew that but didn't care at the time because i have spent more time on the side of the road than driving time. Did I for sure crack the heads when I did that?
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