1995 Ford Escort Questions

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My heater is not blowing out hot air when the car is sitting still or idling a light you can smell exhaust fumes
transmission won't shift into 3rd gear after clutch assembly,master cyl and slave cyl replaced. the shifter moves but grinds when clutch pedal released.
How do I replace the brake lamp on a 1995 ford escort"
I've looked under the hood where the relays are located in the black box, no relay listed for blower fan only cooling fan. There are a couple relays on the passenger side fire wall, would this be one of them for the blower?
i need to know how to take apart the console to get to the neutral switch.
how do I get to It, get to it by way of under the car, or on top of collum and how doI get collum apart?
where is the neutral safety switch located and how do i get to it and how to adjust it?
my car won't start in park, And now it seems it won't in nuetral, unless i shift the shifter between nuetral and drive while trying to start the car , what can it be?
Does anyone know how to re-connect the automatic seatbelts on the Escort? Having trouble figuring this one out.
hesitates after running awhile
the engine overheats because fans won't come on. just put used manual trans. in it and now the fans won't come on. checked fans they do work. told need pcm. do I
The black rubber along all 4 windows is pealing off and the black protected rubber on the hood of the car all the metal stip has come off too. I see several escorts with the same problem (1995 excort)Is there a recall on this? if not how much should it cost to have fix and were do I go
Half of my lights are out in my dashboard message center and i got the bulbs i just need to figure out how to get to it help please thanks
Can I change the clutch with out droping the hole sub-frame and motor
Just out of the blue knocking one mile from home drove it home los of power, runs rough,knocking or clatter
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