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The car does not shift into gear.
my car was and had been running what to me was normal and then all of a sudden smelled like it was getting hot, but did not over heat, it didnt even get to the halfway mark, i turned the car off and have not been able to get it to start since. I replaced the timing belt back around christmas, it ran with no problems after that until now, the timing belt was still in place but i changed it to make sure it hadnt slipped, because it sounds like it jumpped time, it has spark to the plugs,and the coil pack, and is getting fuel, what could it
Plug not firing replaced it, checked all fuel lines, bypassed fuel purge valve and fuel canister. No oil in water or water in oil so head not cracked. Could it be a burnt valve or the valve seat.
while driving on hyway for long stretches throttle stick and speed increases, gas pedal has no response , car engine has to be turned off for vehicle engine to return back to normal operating mode. I have curise control and it is like the cruise control engages and will not disengage even with brake applied
There are two pinhole leaks in the air conditioning system that are on the driver side of the fire wall how do I stop them and refill with coolant?.
When I first start the car it idles high up to 3000 rpm after a lil while it will idle dwn ..what could b the cause
I stalled in traffic. acted like a battery issue. I now suspect overheating even with the gauge not moving up, at all. Also no heat coming out from the heater. It does not restart until it cools down. Then good to go for starting. Once I got going again, I was good for about 15 minutes and then I stalled and shut down, again. Probably not a battery issue, cause all other electrical systems still going strong. what is happening to cause this
is dead, through the plug hole i can see the piston has been getting hit by something,valve??????? isnt this a no interfearence motor, why would the top of the piston be damaged???
engine runs fine, car has been driving fine, no leaks and trans fluid is reddish in color. drove over a set of train tracks and now car will not move.
The dash light don't work. Checked fuses.
My son bought a 1995 ford escort with a 1.9 engine about a week ago, very clean and ran great. All it needed was some dash bulbs replaced, heater lingage hooked back up and I had to pull the manual shifter back up level with the floor. I went to pull it our of my garage and and it was strange, I had the key turned forward not in start position pushed the clutch in and it tried to start. Once I did start it and pushed the clutch a little past half way it sounded like it was grinding. Any way the starter went bad replace it and now it will not startor even turn over. Like I said I replaced the starter, jumped the safety switch on the clutch checked the ignition and the battery and Altenator are good. This is making me so mad. PS: the ignition wire to the starter selonoid is not getting power but the hot wire is hot all the time. Note: I hear the fuel pump come on and all the dash lights come on but no click, not turn over nothing.
i lined up the crank shaft on its marks and the cam shaft on the number one plug mark put timming belt on and turned morter over by hand it went around two turns and stop is something not lined up rite
How do I get the crank shaft and the cam shaft lined up after bad timing belt?
lose power when going up hill
have replaced the spark plugs in wires
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