1995 Ford Escort Questions

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Tried to start but starts but won't kick over. All fluids, belts are fine. Have lights, power etc. Don't know why it would all of a sudden die and will not start.
im thinking the oil is not transferring to where its suppose too but im not sure what it could be
The rpms don, t drop for a few seconds. This happens while driving or just sitting there and giving it a little gas.
Safety switch
Car starting to shake after you go up to 80 kms. Shaking seems to be coming from under steering wheel. Maybe need a new tire rod????
Does this for about a minute then blows out regular white exhaust. Been doing it for about a month. Some days on startup it is fine though.
Already checked all fuses and bulbs they are all good just no brake lights
Not fuse or bulbs
The page above lists 14 reports of oil leaks around or into the distributor of a 95 Ford Escort. Every 95 Escort I've ever seen (and that's a lot) doesn't have a distributor; they use coil packs, which have no connection to oil. Is this an error, or a problem with the 1.8L engine only?
Runs the same at tdc as 180 out
At 2pm today us163&63 its the first time
When idling it begins to run rough and engine stalls.
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