1995 Ford Escort Questions

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It beeps but will not start, Ford escort 1995, runs perfectly until weather dropped to 20 degrees no fuses are missing, only beeps if door is open
Transmission front pump and seals
As soon as I'm done driving and I park it there's a 2"diameter of oil on the ground within a couple minutes.
Can u put any radiator that fits on
the car the starter kicks back or won't engage at all it takes about 10 tries to get it started. I just put in a new battery and it seems to be worse. Thanks Kurt
Car chugging at startup, acceleration and stalling at stops.,
I have changed the bulbs and the fuse and that didn't work

were are relays???
The only thing I can find is the green plastic part located behind the wheel moves in and out with the wheel. I've seen others posting this same issue but have yet to see a fix.
I replaced clutch and alternator and battery, although I needed a 100 watt fuse I put in a 90 watt. Could I have fried the alternator
while hooking up the battery, the cables were connected backwards. the hundred watt fuse, popped. Replaced fuse with a ninety watt fuse. Now battery light is on. Could I have fried the alternator or a voltage regulator somewhere?
I have to put it in park to keep it going. It takes a while to get up to full speed. It idles choppy. Is this the constant control relay module? It takes a while to start. I have a new starter, water pump and timeing chain.
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