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imy radiator is full but the reservoir is always empty and when the car is cold and i start it and drive 1/2 block to get water and take the rad. cap off it has pressure and spurs out as if it was hot...only it spurs out cold water. and mwhen i turn steering wheel it whins but it has fluid
1994 Ford Escort Wagon. Just fixed the water pump, timing and oil change a few weeks ago. Just recently had to replace the water outlet gasket and the freeze plug because the coolant/water was leaking all out. I drove at least 10 miles and it ran pretty good. Right after that, it ran hot, coolant started bubbling from the coolant reservoir tank and the car had shut down. Now, there's water mixed with the oil and white smoke coming out the tailpipe. The car still starts. I wanted to know, do I need to replace the head gasket? Can I change the oil and filter and add engine restorer to the engine without having to replace the head gasket?
I've replaced the thermostat and checked the fan but it's still getting hot. What should I check ? It's not really losing any coolant and the coolant is clean . Could it be the water pump or my radiator ? I just got the car so I'm at a loss . The air does not work either
I pulled over to park ,went to start it the next morning ,it started,I drove across the street but when I tried again to start it would not,the day before it was needing alot of water and overheating ,so we now have replaced the coil,has power but will not turn over ,please help
Haven't had any problems with my wagon until i stopped to grab some grub at a truck stop and when I tried to start it back up it made really bad banging noises so I turned it off. Trying to replace the timing belt thinking it skipped a tooth and was off, but i cant get the crankshaft mark to line up because its "catching" on something.
What could be the cause and would it even be worth trying to fix.
engine oil pan gasket
harness seems to be missing, is it a one spade connector on resistor end and two spade on motor end?
have a 214 code for 1994 escort 1.9l 5 speed station wagon. Car runs well, but jerks when giving or letting off of the gas. Have to do it very smoothly so it does not jerk. What is the problem and how to fix it? Have read a little and others say it is a camshaft position sensor. Is this correct? How to fix?
everywhere i took it was told to old for them to check it. don't have the tool. will only check 2000 or newer.what do i do?
none of the lights come on. checked the battery and its good.
I have a coolant leak, water is leaking out between the engine and the trans axle. The leak has gotten progressively worse over time and now is bad enough to kill my starter motor. A head gasket was installed a few years ago when evidence of coolant in the oil was discovered. This leak has been occurring for some time and I have been waiting to fix the problem when the car was ready for a clutch, assuming that I would have to remove the trans axle to get to the offending freeze plug.
When a/c button is pressed the compressor will not turn on
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