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Put spark plugs and fuel filter still will not start cranks but does not start don't know what is wrong. Help .

Car won't start can u help me please.

So my ford escort will not turn over, I really don't know at this point what it could be I've checked the timing that's good✔ then I replace all 4 sparkplugs since 1 was looking pretty damaged I replaced them all and the coil pack, still not starting...yup so I figured I replace the ICM (ignition control module ) still no start,new battery was installed still not a complete start, what could it be??? This problem occurred when I drove my car home to (R.I) from Massachusetts...mind you I needed a oil change but drove it anyway as I got back I parked my car for a hour then at start it was running roughly and my friend decided to add a quart of oil after shutting down the vehicle for 10 minutes I tried starting it and that's when it didn't ever start again

We have change head gasket radiator caps took out fan and fan works thermostat change and temperature sensor

note;fuse's are good and a/c light is on is a real lay that is shoted out don't have wireing book for this at this time.

Freeon charge okay. It is showing 45 pounds of pressure on low guage. What electrical reley would cause this. Fuses check out good.

it leaks in the exhaust outtake

the car engine runs rough after heats up. sounds like its not running all cylinders. I keep adding water but it doesn't show me where it's leaking. No water signs on spark plugs.

my radiator has sprung a leak I replaced the radiator with a new one now while car is running the fan is not coming on it only starts to come on while the car is being cranked over them aimmediately stops when the car starts fan fails to kick back on when car is warm and temp reads normal or even hot

wipers not working, replaced motor and switch, still not working, replaced fuse, still not working, please help