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Could you please tell me where the thermostat is located? Thanks
the car I have is a Escort GT it knocks and rattles at the stop lights...problem is that it sat for about 6 or 7 years in rugget Michigan weather. Everything almost rusted under the hood. I've replaced transmission, brake lines, radiator hose now I'm told it might be the air hose. Any suggestions? Is it worth saving?
how much freon does it take to fill the compressor completly?mine blows cool air but not enough it has the old r12 in it still.thanks ahead of time.
what does the switch on the other side of the shifter panel go to??
I put in a new relay switch and was told to get a thermostat switch, but can't find where that is located.
Does anyone know how to fine tune the VICS rfl valve? where is it located, and how? Also, my engine cooling fan only turns on when my a/c is on. otherwise the engine gets hot. any ideas?
when my car is idling it kinda revs up and down all the time, back and forth nonstop. and when i step on the throttle in a normal fashion it hesitates, then runs rough till i get to about 25 mph after 25 mph it pretty much runs alot smother. i thought it might be a bad timing module. any one have any inquire to my problem? feel free to throw out anything u might know about the problem too, eveything is appreciated.
i have figured out my problem to the 3 hr drive and it not starting car. timming belt! now i need a little assitance in changing the belt. i am very mechanicly incline i just have never down one of thease before and was wondering if i can get some helpful tips to make the job go faster. and also how long a job am i looking at here? if everything goes well maybe a weekend project? thanks
i had drove this car 3 hours nonstop at about 65-70 on the freeway until i arrived in my hometown, when i got off the exit and came to a stop the car had stop running. after that i had tried to start it again and again, and it just wont start. since then i have had it towed to my house and replaced the spark plugs and confirmed there is a spark coming from the spark plug wires. i dont have the tools to take apart the fuel lines to check for fuel but is there any other way i can make sure the engine is getting fuel?
i had heard from this site that if the distrubutor cap has a leaking seal that engine oil will get in there and let the car not start, would it still make a spark if this has happened? please help, thanks everybody!
I have a circle dirt track escort gt 5 spd. i was going in to the corner on the gas and it just acted like i shifted it into 3rd gear, it bogged down and just lost most the power. putting it on the trailer i was floored to get it on barely. its starts fine its has no exhaust. when you started it, it sounds quieter. and when you rev it up it takes longer to rev up. What have i done to my motor. Thank you
I have a 92 ford escort gt 1.8 & when it gets to operating temp the check engine light comes on then the engine shuts down, then once it has cooled down will start but shuts down once it has warmed up again
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