1992 Ford Escort Questions

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my car wont start, its not the starter or ignition switch, battery, and or the coil. all litghs and bells work, runs fine when i push start it, but turn it off and nuthing. whats my problem???
About 6 months ago the speedometer stopped regestering at 99,623 miles. Two days ago the gas gauge stopped regestering. The "check engine" starting coming on now and then.
when i fill up
The automatic seat belt on the driver side will not wrap around. What can be done to fix it?
My serpentine belt will not stop sqeaking. I have changed the belt and the tensioner. It did not stop it. I can sprinkle some ajax on the pulleys and it will quiet down for about a day. but it always starts again. The vehicle runs fine. Its just annoying. any suggestions would be appreciated.
lights are out in the dash cluster, how do you replace the light bulbs?
Well im doing a oil change on my gf car and i cant find the oil drain plug.. Also what would cause the engine to over heat and loose all power to the accessories?
I can't find in the book how to change the time can you help me
np previous problems head replaced 3years ago
maintained well 80k pour water in water exits just as fast somewhere under alt. a/c pwr str brks
new problem head replaced 3 years ago just changed coolant w/flush new oil maintain twice yr with 7500 annual miles
I am not sure where to find the thermostat housing.
how do i check timing marks? if timing belt jumps a tooth will valves colide with pistons?
heater not blowing out hot air added anti-freeze coolant
My ford escort 92 have a problem that it wont move and when it does it goes like a snail even when pressing the axe hard, it cant even go up the bridge. mechanic told me it's the fuel pump - we changed the fuel pump and all the filters (fuel, air and oil change) and it still have the same problem. it's not going at all. when im drove it i had to put on hazard lights. HELP
what type of engine oil should be used?
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