1990 Ford Escort Questions

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car wont start when it rains. i have to put a plastic over the air vent on the hood, close to the windshield.
if i dont, the car wont start
where is the power steering fluid
I can't get the replacement axle to slide into place
I was driving on the highway when my car would not pick up over 55. The engine overheated and I pulled over & the car was towed to the nearest shop, who advised the car was not drivable because the headgasket blew.
They never quoted me a price but proceeded to tell me they would have to take the engine out to fix this issue and that could be days. They tested the radiator fluid and told me it was contaminated with CO2 and they could not reach the valves to see how bad the damage.
I then towed the car to a friends nearby & 4 days later my mechanic friend had me start the engine, check for leaks and low fluid. The car was running fine but it did not have equal heat distribution.
Prior to my trip, I noticed the AC was running off and on so I took it in to have freon flushed and replaced.
This time last year I had the timing belt replaced. Could this have affected the water pump and if so,
Could this mean I need a new water pump as well as Radiator? What kind of costs will I be facing?
The required year of vehicle only went down to 1990 on this page. However my ford escort is a 1986 2 barrel, 1.9 Liter. I just can't seem to find the fuel filter. Hopefully someone can tell me where it is located.
The system is empty now and I replaced some componets, need to charge it now.
seems that no fuel is reaching the engine
do i have to lift the motor to replace the belts? both the alternator and power steering belts are gone this is no factory air
Replaced: computer, wires, plugs, coil,cap,rotor, fan,fan motor, thermostat, coil, waterpump, hoses, belts, timing belt,fuses, cleaned fuel inject, park car in garage, starts, purrs, runs for 1/2 hour, sun hits it, overheats , park in sun go start it, it starts runs like DODO. then strts over heat. 5 phx mechanics quit on it. No wires or battery touching frame, dash lights died
I try to start my car but it wont fire. While cranking the injector sprays intermintently, about once a second. It will occasionally spray constant and it will fire but Dies instantly. I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and the map sensor but nothing works. Is there a reason this might happen and what else should I replace to fix this issue?
or turn over but battery is fine
What special tool due i need to remove the inner tie rod on a 1990 ford escort? Any help would be appreciated.
What special tool do i need to remove the tie rod under the boot?
i have been given an old 1984 escort it came with no spark plug leads i have brought some but do i put them on in the correct order.
Why doesn't the temperature gauge move. I replaced thermostat and some heat comes out but gauge doesn't move.
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