2008 Ford Escape Hybrid Questions

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Hybrid electric engine is not functioning at low speed or when stationary
I was charging my a\c compressor and then I heard a clicking sound with a burnt smell. My a\c is no longer operating at a cold capacity.
When going on hills or merging into freeway.
Sometime it's ok and break check sign always appear. And also the tire pressure also stay on how to reset that
It didn't start 2-3 time after that It started and I drove 15 miles and after that it's not starting again. Pls help me. Code is P1633 with engine check light.
bought new 12v battery and charged to make sure full charge found 1 fuse out 80 Amp EPAS,also 1 relay,checked all fuses and relays,hooked both elec. waterpumps to 12v work,2 to 12v work,all with key on run...lishts,horn,pw,pm,pdl,p seat,radio,cd,heater fan,ac button can hear the clutch kick in,all dash lights,abs charges up and so on,turn to start nothing,tried pushing both cut off switches and then the jump start button wait 7-8 min.can hear abs charge up ,epas charge and a lot of clicking then I wait it stops then I turn key to start hear some relays click and the air intake valve?[hooked to filter box and intake]starts humming and keeps humming when I release to the run position,the lights on dash that remain on are engine,tire,oil,abs,wrench lights message says check braking system and tire pressure also removed hose on air intake and the butter fly valve is hard to move when humming and easy when I turn key off the car has been seating for a few month so the hybrid battery I am sure needs to be charged can the PCM be the problem?
This happened on the freeway after driving about 20 minutes outside it was dry and about 60 degrees F. After I safely coasted to the shoulder and cried a little, it started back up with no indication it had gone dead. Is this a sign of something bad?
i dont know what is the problem is there any valve for that or i need to change the compressore
I am not sure if the hybrid battery can handle Phoenix's summers. Let me know what you think!
change hybird batteries
I am connecting a taximeter to a ford escape hybrid and need to get a reliable pulse from the speed sensor.
Same time sign came check the brake system regan brake system disable. but when swich off the car and srart again its working finr.
Is the leak from the filter a real problem or does the fluid and or filter need replacement?
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