2007 Ford Escape Hybrid Questions

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Car drives fine, no warning lights. System check says everything is fine.
I have a 2007 Ford Escape hybrid with 9400 miles. I am wondering if there is an average mileage amount that this hybrid battery usually dies or need to be replaced?
I am being told it the water pump and actuator.
I got the "Stop Car Safely" message Monday afternoon on the way home from work. Because it was late afternoon and I was a female alone in a questionable part of town, I had the car towed to the Chevy dealership where I bought it used. They looked at it Tuesday & said they couldn't repair it because the problem was in the hybrid system. So they towed it to a Ford dealership Wednesday morning.

It's now Thursday night, and the Ford dealership hasn't touched it. They said the only thing they can do is download information from the computers and send it to Ford engineers who can analyze the data and figure out the problem. So it looks like I'll be renting a car for the weekend, and maybe next week, because Ford isn't responding.

Here are my questions:

1) How did all of you get your error/repair codes? My dealer says they can't do this.

2) Is it really true that Ford dealers can't repair a hybrid without help from Ford engineers?

3) If that's true, then why does it take so long for Ford to respond? Why can't they turn this around more quickly?

Between the towing charges and the rental fees, I'm going to be out $500 before the repairs even begin! Can anyone explain this?
code says emission level is beyond threshold
can you jump a hybrid just like any car?
I've lost my key. The local dealer says I have to get it towed to their location and can expect a fee of $200+. Is there another way? Can a locksmith help? They are 20 miles away and it'll cost me to tow it.
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