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We had issues with the engine shutting down and getting the message to "Stop safely now" so we took it in and had the cooling pump replaced under the recall but the problem is still happening. We have 2 things that come up 1 is " hot engine temperature" then "stop safely now" will come on when trying to drive more then 30 minutes. We can't use the air or take to many hills or it happens more often and we live in FL where it's extremely hot and has a lot of bridges :/ any idea what it could be is it possible that we got a bad part?
Cost to replace tie rod boot covers
Car running fine, then a sudden bump, then noises started.
Looked underneath & saw rear differential wet near left axle connection.
Problem w/ transmission? Not easy to check fluid
My cousin's husband is a mechanic and seems to think it may be the transfer case. I was wondering the estimated cost of this repair.
Last weekend, I noticed that my hybrid battery was not charging when I stepped on the brake. The car was also hesitating a bit when I would accelerate. I thought it might have been bad gas because as soon as I refueled it stopped, & my battery was charging again. A week later, I noticed that the car had again stopped charging the battery, & later that day, my car stalled out, "Stop car safely" was displayed on the message center, which according to the manual indicates hybrid component failure. I was able to restart the car & I brought it to Drum Hill Ford in
Lowell, MA, which was luckily 0.5mi away. They haven't returned my call yet about my car- this is not the dealership I bought the car from & I'm not sure if they have mechanics certified to work on hybrids. I just would like to have a little heads up about what this repair might entail. Thank you.
engine code for the escape is P2008
I have a Ford Escape Hybrid that is due for a check-up. My warranty has recently expired so I'd like to find a mechanic to take my car to instead of the dealer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good mechanic in LA that is qualified to work on hybrids? Thanks for your help!
Was wondering how much it is to replace the recharging battery, that makes it the Hybrid.
how do i reset the wrench light in my 2006 escape
I must replace my electric batterie in my ford 2006 ford scape hybrid 265000k
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