2009 Ford Escape Questions

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the longer we go the writs it gets.
The heater fan blows on 4 only
Driven down road tree limb fell put a dent on top passanger real panel of escape right above window it didnt dance roof luckily just on the out side
lift gate will not open. sounds as though motor is malfunctioned
navigation is not working
The car normally shifts great, but once in a great while why accelerating from a stop,, it jumps, after shifting from starting gears
everything else is new except the preasure sensor
we have replaced :pump, censor, tank and checked the dash for bad circuits
the needle goes from empty to only 3/4 full but the fuel in the tank is full ???
The vehicle ran great for the first 29 days, then on the 30th day my check engine light came on (started to flash) and it would start shaking and not accelerate. Dealer said it was a fuel injector, which would cost $485 to replace. Does this sound right, or should I make them replace all of them? Wondering if I should give the vehicle back to the dealer and buy something else because the extended warranty doesn't cover this issue?
Replaced twice and still no luck. Brake pedal goes to floor board brakes very little what's going on
The covering below the steering wheel.
but still keeps setting code off, i had several codes before, but just #2 misfire now. what can i do?
tried using other remote,and tried unlocking from driver's side door. It will occassionally open, but not very often
at about 80 mph when going up a hill the vehicle has a slight miss or surging almost like its fighting the wind.
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