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Driving home tonight and the dash went dark. Shined my flashlight and everything was stuck. Got home, turned off car and now it won't turn back on. Prior to this, I would drive and everything on dash would drop to zero, including mpg while driving. This would last a few seconds and then "click" back on. Everything else in car works, headlights, interior lights, windshield wipers, ect
whenever I park my car or start my car, my rear window on my tailgate pops open. Very annoying issue.
Is it safe to drive? It's been OK for 2 days for short trips.
it only blows from vents and only way the heater will blow warm air is if ur going down road. if it idiling it blows cold air
is the fuel filter located outside the fuel tank?
When it doesn't start on noise from engine. I keep turning key and it will start. Has a new battery.
The trouble code is P0128 and the engine service light is ON
There are times that they will not lock or unlock! using the inside button or even the key pad?
I started my vehicle in -40 weather this morning and it revved really high and started blowing oil out the bottom of the vehicle. What the he** did I wreck and is it an expensive fix?
When I'm going south the display shows SW, when going east is shows south. How do I correct that? This only started being incorrec in the last few days.
dealer claims i need new motor and cable - price 1400 to fix.
How do I remove dash to get to the actuator?
It works fine on #3 and #4 settings nothing on #1 or #2?
Oil like fluid leaking out under the coolers dealer can not trace the sourse
My vehicle went to a car shop last week and received an installation of two replacement calipers with two new front disc brakes, as well as resurfaced front discs. Days later, I began to have brake failure when applying the brake along with dash lights intermittently and spontaneous flashing 'ABS' and 'traction control' warning lights. When I brought it back to the car shop, they told me that it's due to a broken ABS module. I asked if this is related to their previous brake work and they said it absolutely did not. Is this true?
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