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I have a 2008 Escape same issue, I've had it to a mechanic three times and they can't figure it out! One minute items on 3/4 of a tank then a half tank then occasionally my gas light comes on when it' has a full tank
Now, to start the car, I have to press the brake pedal down really hard. What could be causing this??
crank shaft sensor plug, upper and lower seals, and yet I continue to have leakage. the past year I've been daling with this problem and Ford can't fix the problem.
why? included with this issue the brakes were changed, then the master cyl went, then the ABS, then the blower. all within a 1 1/2 years. There is a problem......
Dead no sound. tap starter .starts right up.
May last a day may last a month. Any ideas. Also alot if static thru radio. Can only get 1 close station
If I try to push the car slippery button it will not come off.
Engine not changing to EV Green mode when stationary of moving at low speed?
engine functioning in gas mode, but hybrid cut on/off not kicking in at low using more gas than usual?
Changed battery now battery light is on how do I clear it.
I bought the car in February and about a month ago the gas pedal started sticking so I need to know if there is a recall and if I can get it fixed under the recall or if I have to pay and how much it will cost me, a friend of mine has a 2003 Ford escape and her did the same thing and she said it was a recall
Seems like the tumbler is going?
Power steering went out and cluster lights went out and I had the AC on and I noticed it don't do that when I turn it off? Also abs lights and airbags and traction control light and battery light stays on... at one point they turn off when I accelerate and I get power steering back on so I don't know if it has to do with something else like computer problem?
when I try to start the car the key will not work. can't get the engine to start. try to move key around and press in but still will not start. took to ford garage and was told that it was not the starter but no electrical power in steering column module not working. they wanted over 550 dollars to fix said it would take 2 days. whats up
my brake & gas pedal seem to stutter, vibrate. when the ABS light comes on it stops. it seems to get worse if its hot outside. is it just the rotors?
Only occurs when A/C is on. Belt is fine, and system works well. No other unusual noises.
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