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There are 110,000+ miles on my Ford Escape 2007. The battery is approx. 3 years old, has been tested, and is fine. The battery won't hold a charge and the car won't start without a jump. (It has been jumped 3 times, and once died between starting the car, moving it to a different location, and trying to start it again.) Mechanic has checked all the fuses and is coming back to me that they are in good working order. Suggested next steps? Alternator? Starter? Do I have to take apart the driver side door and find the wire that's draining power? Any insights greatly appreciated. Thank you.
My Defrost and a/c is no longer working on 2007 Ford Escape XLT v6. One day it was working, and the next morning when I started the car and attempted to use the heater I got nothing on 1, 2, 3, or 4! I switched over to a/c, then max a/c and still got nothing but still air and complete silence!! I have had no prior problems with this happening, and didn't hear any weird or abnormal noises coming from behind the dash leading up to this or since it stopped working!! I'm not sure if it helps but when I press my rear defrost button the light comes on the dash and it works fine. My son was in a hurry the other day when he looked, but said he checked all the fuses/relays related to this and none of them were burnt out or bad that he found. I would like to check for myself just to be sure, so I was wondering if someone could walk me through the process of elimination on this, and/or tell me what the problem is or could be ASAP!! P.s.- Weather man is calling for rain in the next couple days, so i will need my defrost to see!!!! Thank You, Tami!!
When I start my Escape, it makes a strange sound, and the sound persist when I turn my steering wheel. After a while it stops. Also, my oil change light is used to light up, but it doesn't anymore. The strange sound it makes when I turn the wheel happens daily. Thanks, hope this helps.
Took my car in they are charging me $100.00 a hose. Am I being overcharged?
2002 engine work in 2007 escape
How common is it for the 2007 Ford Escape's front brak. Line to crack and loose all brake fluid and brakes
Key stuck in the ignition
Since I changed the engine and do you have a phone number I can call you at
I was told that the code would be on the bcm but cannot find anywhere where it's located dealer was no help (suprise) they just want to chg $55 for 2 minutes of looking up. Any help would be appreciated
Not lighting up while installed in vehicle with headlights on and ignition on.
I have 2 wires hanging from near the center of the driver seat that have no plug. I can not see where they might plug into something. I think it has something to do with the seat sensor but I have no reference to compare what the under side should look like. (Code 49 flashes on air bag warning light)
Cruise still not working getting the same 3 flashes from self check
I have had the vehicle scanned, because I was told it was a bad door sensor, and replaced the gate (both sensors) and it still does it. Scanned again and no codes came up. If I leave the vehicle unlocked it does not go off. Only if I lock all the doors with the key fob. And it always happens in about an hour from locking the vehicle. Also wondered if there was an easy way to find out of all the door and hood sensors if there was an easier way to determine what is wrong. It did say while scanned there was low voltage to the computer...but the vehicle was running and the tech didn't understand that. The door ajar light does come on when the vehicle doors are completely closed. This used to happen once in awhile, but now it is all the time, with the alarm going off.
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